Abutilon × hybridum

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Abutilon × hybridum cultivar 'Patrick Synge'

Abutilon × hybridum is a species name used for a wide variety of different types flowering plants of uncertain origin in the genus Abutilon.[1][2][3] Because of the uncertainty surrounding the name, they are often considered a cultivar group: Abutilon x Hybridum Group or Abutilon Hybridum Group. They are cultigens, not occurring in the wild.[4][5] As with the larger genus Abutilon generally, they have been referred to by the common names Chinese lantern,[6][7] and parlour maple.


No reliable source has settled the question of parentage for these plants, and they have been variously said to perhaps derive from the species Abutilon theophrasti,[8] A. striatum,[4] A. darwinii,[9] A. pictum,[9] or any of the South American species.[10]

Descriptions vary widely; some sources have described them as short as "1 to 2 ½' tall", while others list them as reaching 15' in height.[8][11]


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