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Adelaide of Vohburg (1135–1190), also known as Adelheid, was German queen as the first wife of Frederick I, Holy Roman Emperor.

Adelaide was a daughter of Diepold III, Margrave of Vohburg, and Adelaide of Poland, daughter of Władysław I Herman and Judith of Swabia..[1]

In Eger before 2 March 1147, Adelaide married Frederick of Swabia,[1] who became Duke of Swabia one month later. Frederick also managed to be elected as the successor of his paternal uncle, Conrad III of Germany. He was crowned King of Germany on 4 March 1152. Adelaide thus became queen. However, she remained childless and Frederick petitioned Pope Eugene III for an annulment. The annulment was granted and confirmed in the city of Konstanz on March 1153. The justification was given on grounds of consanguinity.

No longer a queen, Adelaide proceeded to marry Dietho of Ravensburg, welfische Ministerialer. Dietho died in 1180 or shortly before. Adelaide survived him and died between 1184–1190.


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Preceded by
Gertrude of Sulzbach
Queen consort of Germany
Succeeded by
Beatrice I of Burgundy

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