Adi Himelbloy

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Adi Himelbloy
Adi Himelbloy.jpg
Born (1984-11-27) November 27, 1984 (age 32)
Holon, Israel
Modeling information
Height 5 ft 7 in (170 cm)[1]
Hair color Blonde

Adi Himelbloy (Hebrew: עדי הימלבלוי‎‎; born November 27, 1984), also known as Adi Himmelbleu, is an Israeli actress and model.

Life and career[edit]

Himelbloy was born on November 27, 1984 in Holon, Israel. She was first discovered in Dudu Topaz's entertainment show, The First in Entertainment, when she won the modeling contest held as part of the show.

After the show, she worked in modeling for several years,unit being approved as an actress for the Israeli television series HaShminiya ("The Octette"), in which she played the character Natasha Segovia, a young woman with an unusual talent for drawing. In 2006, Himelbloy participated in the Israeli telenovela HaAlufa (Hebrew: האלופה‎‎, "The Champion"). Afterwards Himelbloy participated in the children's song contest Festigal 2006, where she performed along with other actors from HaShminiya such as Dawn Lanny-Gabay and Shira Wilensky. In addition, she also started appearing in TV advertisements. In 2007 she participated in Festigal once more and dubbed the character of April O'Neill in the Hebrew version of the animated film Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.[2]

In 2009, Himelbloy participated in the Israeli musical Treasure Island (Hebrew: אי המטמון‎‎, I HaMatmon). She also played in the Israeli drama series The Double (Hebrew: הכפולה‎‎, HaKfula). On June 29, 2008, Himelbloy became a hostess at the Israeli Children's Channel. In November 2008, the Israeli sci-fi series Deus debuted on the Israeli Children's Channel, in which Himelbloy played the character Rona Merom. During the late 2000s, Himelbloy also modeled for the Israeli swimwear company Pilpel.

In 2009, Himelbloy participated in the Festigal for the third time and in 2010, she hosted a talk and game show called Chuba's Angels, alongside the actress Dawn Lanny-Gabay.

In 2010, Adi H. participated in the Israeli version of Dances with Stars (won third place).

In August 2013 she said in an interview that she was afflicted with thyroid cancer in 2012, and recovered from the disease.

In July 2014,Adi married her childhood friend Nadav Peled.

In July 2015, Adi gave birth to her first child, Leo.

Adi Himelbloy is an acknowledged multi-talent artist: a talented actress with a powerful voice, a TV host, a stage performer and entertainer.



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