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Advanced Placement German Language (also known as AP German Language or AP German) is a course and examination provided by the College Board through the Advanced Placement Program. This course is designed to give high school students the opportunity to receive credit in a college-level German language course.

Originally the College Board had offered two AP German exams, one with AP German Language and another with AP German Literature. In 1983, however, due to the persistently low number of students taking the AP German Literature exam, it was dropped from the AP Portfolio and since then only AP German Language has been offered.

Grade distribution[edit]

In the 2007 administration 5,397 students took the exam from 1,320 schools. The mean score was a 3.24.

The grade distribution for 2007 was:

Score Percent
5 24.4%
4 21.5%
3 21.5%
2 19.3%
1 13.3%

In the 2015 administration 5,103 students took the exam from 1,320 schools. The mean score was a 3.25. Statistics include native German speakers and students who hear German spoken regularly at home. The percent of students who received a 5 last year not including this group was around 8%.

The grade distribution for 2006 was:

Score Percent
5 24.9%
4 19.9%
3 23.8%
2 18.3%
1 13.1%

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