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The following is a list of characters from the animated television series Code Lyoko, created by Thomas Romain and Tania Palumbo.


L to R: Aelita, Ulrich, Yumi, Odd with Kiwi, Jeremie.

Jeremie Belpois[edit]

Jeremie Belpois (French: Raphaëlle Bruneau, English: Sharon Mann), nicknamed Einstein and sometimes spelled Jeremy, is a top-of-the-class student who finds and starts the factory's supercomputer while looking for parts to build a robot. As part of the group, he specializes in programming new ways to defeat XANA and monitors the group while they are on Lyoko. Because he is not very athletic and is more computer savvy; Jeremie never goes to Lyoko. When going to the factory, he rides a scooter. He's the main protagonist and also the youngest of the group. Jeremie also has a not-so secret crush on Aelita since he first turned on the supercomputer, therefore revitalizing not only the virtual world Lyoko, but the malevolent multi-agent system X.A.N.A. as well. He seems to be the main archenemy of X.A.N.A. as it appears to want to get rid of him more than the others.

Aelita Schaeffer[edit]

Aelita Schaeffer (French: Sophie Landresse, English: Sharon Mann), better known as Aelita Stones, is the daughter of Franz Hopper (creator of Lyoko) and Anthea Schaeffer. Nicknamed "Miss Einstein" and "Princess," she is the second smartest of the group, closely following Jeremy. As a little girl, she lost her mother. When a group of suited men came to her home, the "Hermitage," she and her father fled and virtualized themselves on Lyoko. Between the virtualization and Jeremy's discovery of the supercomputer, XANA stole an important memory fragment that inhibited her from becoming fully human again. After this fragment is retrieved, she is no longer linked to the supercomputer. In Lyoko, she has an elf-like appearance, similar to that of "Mr. Puck," a toy elf from her childhood. After becoming human, she often has premonitions and nightmares of what is to come or what was. Until Season 2, she has no defensive capabilities; save erecting a shield wall via her creativity. In Season 3, she acquires the capability to produce small, deep pink-colored plasma orbs called "energy fields" from her hands. In Season 4, she acquires the ability to fly at high speeds with angel wings. However, the ability she has from the start is being able to create and alter the terrain on Lyoko by singing; capable of making a bridge or platform for easier transportation, and defend with a large shield wall. Although on rare occasions, she uses the psionic ability "second sight" to see things made invisible by X.A.N.A. and even sense its presence throughout Lyoko. She is also enrolled as a border at Kadic after full materialization. In order to eliminate problems, they give her the fake surname Stones. When going to the factory, she rides a scooter.

Ulrich Stern[edit]

Ulrich Stern (French: Marie-Line Landerwijn, English: Barbara Weber-Scaff) is one of the more laid back students who is expected to show potential in front of his parents. In his off-time he practices Pencak-Silat with Yumi, who "is a friend and that's all." Before Lyoko, he was annoyed with Sissy, so he often has to deal with or use her as the warriors deal with XANA and their own personal issues within the group. While in Lyoko, he is clothed in a yellow and black suit. His abilities in Lyoko include triplicate which allows him to create two decoys of himself, Triangulate when Ulrich and his two clones form a triangle while his silhouette runs between them, confusing the enemy, and supersprint, which allows him to run at a very high speed. His main weapon is a single sword, which increases to two in the fourth season. He is the second-least knowledgeable about using the supercomputer. He skateboards to the factory. He rides the Overbike when in Lyoko.

Odd Della Robbia[edit]

Odd Della Robia (French: Raphaëlle Bruneau, English: Matthew Géczy) is the comic relief of the group. Odd is credited as having great potential when it comes to school, but rarely uses it, and gets bad grades due to his lack of studying. During tests, he generally cheats off of Jeremy. He shares a dorm with Ulrich and has a dog named Kiwi, which he hides in a dresser because pets aren't allowed at Kadic. He attempts to go out with girls, but his bad habits get in the way. Odd's hair has a purple spot and is upright, except for the first episode. He generally wears a purple hoodie and he is clothed like a cat when in Lyoko. His only ability and attack is laser arrow (although he does occasionally use an energy shield), which allows him to shoot arrows out of his arms, but he at one point possessed a form of foresight. He is the least computer-literate of the group and rides a skateboard to the factory. He rides the Overboard in Lyoko.

Yumi Ishiyama[edit]

Yumi Ishiyama (French: Géraldine Frippiat, English: Mirabelle Kirkland) is a fairly reserved student who lives near and attends Kadic. She is of Japanese descent, and has one younger brother Hiroki. Because of her parents and culture, she must maintain good grades and observe family values. At home, she generally has to deal with marital issues between her parents. She is an old friend of William Dunbar, who transferred to Kadic during Season 2. She practices Pencak Silat with Ulrich, but because of all the tensions created by Lyoko, she and Ulrich "are just friends and that's it." She always wears black, and on Lyoko she is clothed with a Geisha-inspired outfit with a big bowtie. Her only special ability on Lyoko is telekinesis, enabling her to move several objects at a distance to destroy monsters, or transport other avatars across. In Season 4, her telekinesis is somewhat strengthened, enabling her to use it for longer periods without tiring out. Her weapons are two Japanese war fans that act like razor-sharp boomerangs that function like fast-moving discus when thrown. She later learned to improve their direction and targeting accuracy with her telekinesis. In Code Lyoko: Evolution, she gains an additional weapon-the bo staff. However, her telekinesis is not used. She has also the most knowledgeable about using the quantum supercomputer besides Jeremy, until Aelita becomes completely human. She skateboards to the factory but rides the Overwing on Lyoko.

William Dunbar[edit]

William Dunbar (French: Mathieu Moreau, English: David Gasman) is an overconfident student at Kadic Academy who often fights Ulrich for Yumi's attention. When he was first introduced in the series he was shown to be a loner, however Yumi soon sees him as a friend and he soon develops feelings for her. Despite his rifts with the other Lyoko Warriors, he becomes the closest thing to a trusted ally they have. Although Jeremy, Ulrich, Odd, and Aelita initially voted in favor of his joining them, they are unable to reach consensus due to Yumi's disapproval. Eventually, however, the vote becomes unanimous when William's membership is necessary. On his first mission in Lyoko, he is captured and possessed by XANA, who ensnares William as its puppet. From that point on, a clone of William, created by Jeremy, is used to pose as the real William until Jeremy is able to free him. Unfortunately, Jeremy's program is extremely malfunction-prone, causing the William clone to act either abysmally unintelligent or unpredictable and dangerous. Near the end of the series the clone starts developing several human-like traits, which he eventually uses to help the warriors. In Lyoko, William carries a giant sword and has a white outfit, which becomes black when he is under XANA's control. He travels to the factory on foot and is unknowledgeable on how to use the supercomputer.



XANA (also called X.A.N.A.) is a supernaturally powerful, computer program that serves as the main antagonist of the series. It was originally created and programmed by Franz Hopper in the 1990s, designed to destroy Project Carthage - a military software system that Franz Hopper had previously been closely involved with. He mentions that his motives were to prevent the French government from obtaining access to Project Carthage. Unfortunately, due to his repeated returns to the past, XANA grew stronger and smarter until it eventually became sentient; choosing to rebel against Franz. It then trapped Franz and his daughter Aelita inside Lyoko. Luckily, Franz was able to shut down the supercomputer to trap XANA and prevent it from wreaking havoc on the real world.

XANA displays no mercy whatsoever towards those who stand in its way, waging attacks through Lyoko structures known as Towers into the real world, often attempting mortal harm against the main characters. It usually programs monsters inside Lyoko in order to prevent the heroes from deactivating the Towers and ruining his plans. It uses the Towers to control electricity, and access the network so it can launch attacks on Earth. It has the ability to conjure energy apparitions called spectres, which allow it to take possession of any computer system, physical objects, and/or living things. Whenever a human is possessed by XANA, that person does its bidding and becomes pixelized, given advanced powers that appear supernatural, such as increased strength, speed, and endurance, manipulation of electricity, influence over objects and devices, phasing through walls, levitation, etc.

Being a computer program, XANA has no actual physical form. It needs to act through creatures, programs, and messages, with a symbol called the Eye of XANA constantly symbolizing its presence among them.

The only known physical incarnation of XANA appeared in the Season 1, episode titled "Ghost Channel;" where after having its disguise as Jeremy being exposed, he transformed into a demonic caricature figure of Jeremy and it and tried to kill all of the Warriors. XANA's voice was provided by David Gasman in this episode.


There are many types of monsters in Lyoko, that XANA summons in order to guard the Towers it activates and battle the group. Some are a mere nuisance while others are a major threat. The weakest ones make up for this fact by traveling in packs. All of them, however, try to impede the group. The monsters remain until they are destroyed or a return trip is activated. XANA has twelve types of monsters: Krab, Blok, Kankrelat, Megatank, Hornet, Creeper, Kolossus, Kongre, Shark, Kalamar, Manta, Tarantula and the Scyphozoa.

Other monsters exist that do not fall into the same category as XANA's monsters. One is a monster Jeremy produced, called the Marabounta, which only appeared in episode 36. Also, XANA can program monsters to use in the Digital Sea. These monsters are fought using torpedoes shot from the Skidbladnir or Nav Skids. There are also Guardians whose purpose is to trap beings inside it. In the fourth season, William (while controlled by XANA) possesses a Black Manta.

Supporting characters[edit]

Jim Morales[edit]

Jim Morales (French: Frédéric Meaux, English: David Gasman) is the physical education teacher for Kadic Academy, although it is never explicitly revealed what his entire occupational history is, as he "would rather not talk about it". His meticulously half-secretive past, which may or may not be accurate, is one Jim is particularly proud of, typically digressing from his lectures in order to reminisce on stories of his youth. Jim is often suspicious of the Lyoko Warriors, despite wishing to be friends with them. On several occasions, Jim has discovered the existence of Lyoko or XANA and displayed his helpfulness and willingness to keep it a secret, however his memories have always been reset by a return to the past.

Elisabeth Delmas[edit]

Elisabeth "Sissi" Delmas (French: Carole Baillien, English: Christine Flowers and Jodi Forrest) is the daughter of Kadic's principal and a somewhat rather unpopular, yet sissy-like girl who has a crush on Ulrich and is always looking to get the Lyoko Warriors in action. Sissi and Odd quite often tease each other, with Odd making clever comebacks whenever Sissi says something dumb (which is often) or whenever the need her to go away. After Aelita becomes human she often does the same. Sissi is often followed by two other boys who she resents, but uses to her advantage. The prequel of the series shows that she was a Lyoko Warrior but was kicked out of the group after breaking her oath to keep the supercomputer a secret. Therefore, her memories of Lyoko were erased and she was replaced by Yumi.

Jean-Pierre Delmas[edit]

Jean-Pierre Delmas (French: Bruno Mullenaerts, English: Alan Wenger) (known by the students at Kadic as Mr. Delmas, to Sissi as Daddy or Dad) is the headmaster/principal of Kadic. He is easily controlled by his daughter Sissi, sometimes to the advantage or disadvantage of the Lyoko Warriors. She has convinced him many times to organize school dances and other activities for her (or rather, has demanded for him to do so). He has shown in his dealings with staff and the Lyoko Warriors that he can be stubborn and incredibly ignorant at times; especially when members of the Lyoko Warriors are trying to convince him of any dangerous supernatural activity caused by XANA.

Suzanne Hertz[edit]

Suzanne Hertz (French: Nathalie Stas, English: Jodi Forrest) is a science teacher at Kadic, who appears to teach most branches of grade-level science. She is notable for being the only teacher to organize field trips in the series, which happened on several occasions. She is the primary academics teacher shown in the series. She has shown a dislike of Odd and Ulrich; but a liking to Jeremie, and later Aelita.

Amelia Solovieff[edit]

Amelia "Milly" Solovieff is a member of the Kadic News Crew, and is the news anchor. She is quite intelligent for a little girl of ten to eleven years, and is a member of the fifth to sixth grade. Milly is a friend of Tamiya, who is the camera girl. She has a crush on Ulrich, while Yumi's brother Hiroki has a crush on her. She is very sensitive, and often goes around with Tamiya recording news.

Tamiya Diop[edit]

Tamiya Diop is Milly's best friend. She seems to be slightly less driven by her emotions, which allows her to think more clearly than her red-headed friend when bad things happen to them. She's also always there to give a kind word when it's needed. She is the camera girl for the Kadic News Crew. Tamiya is a member of the seventh grade, is eleven years old, and, like most girls her age at the school, has a crush on Ulrich. She shares a dorm with Milly, and is very sensitive like her as well. She is not very good at reporting news, which Milly often scolds her for, but she is usually more strong-willed than her best friend.

Hiroki Ishiyama[edit]

Hiroki Ishiyama (French: Guylaine Gibert, English: Barbara Weber-Scaff) is the younger brother of Yumi who is admitted to Kadic during Season 3. He is often creative and is curious about what is going on between Yumi and Ulrich. When Yumi asks him to do her a favor, at minimum she must do his homework for a week. Although Yumi is usually annoyed by Hiroki, she still loves him, as shown on numerous occasions.

Herve Pichon[edit]

Herve Pichon (French: Bruno Mullenaerts, English: David Gasman), better known as Herb, is an eighth grader at Kadic and a classmate to the Lyoko Warriors. He is the second-in-command of Sissi's Gang, and sometimes even the boss in times of emergency when Sissi proves to be incompetent, as he is obviously the most intelligent in their group. Herb is also in love with Sissi, although he can't tell her because she has crushes on various people including Ulrich and Theo Gauthier. He has also shown an intense competition with Jeremie over who is smarter, though he has mostly been disregarded.

Nicolas Poliakoff[edit]

Nicolas Poliakoff (French: Carole Baillien, English: Matthew Géczy) is an eighth grader at Kadic. He is a member of Sissi's gang, and mostly just stands there staring into space unless Sissi orders him to follow her. His characteristic speech includes pauses and 'uh' before speaking. It is still unknown why exactly Nicolas joined Sissi's "gang", but it is probably due to the fact Herb did. Nicolas also has a crush on Aelita, but has never acted on it. He can play the drums, and is in the Pop Rock Progressives, a band started by Odd. As a result, he is certainly more tolerant of and kinder toward the Lyoko Warriors than Herb and Sissi are. In some episodes, it is shown he has at least some degree of intelligence, as he wrote the play in Laughing Fit. Nicolas is also easy to scare, as is Herb.

Recurring characters[edit]

Franz Hopper[edit]

Waldo Franz Schaeffer (French: Mathieu Moreau, English: Paul Bandey and Alan Wenger), better known as Franz Hopper (after he legally changed their family's last name to his wife's maiden name), is the creator of both Lyoko and XANA, and was involved in the creation of Project Carthage. Formerly a science teacher at Kadic Academy, he vanished suddenly while living in a house in the school park called the Hermitage. In a nearby abandoned factory, he constructed the supercomputer on which he created Lyoko, only to be intercepted by XANA during his and Aelita's virtualization. Franz was forced to shut the supercomputer down, until it was discovered by the boy-genius, Jeremy Belpois, nearly ten years later. In the penultimate episode of the cartoon, he dies in Lyoko, allowing Jeremy to bring XANA down once and for all. However, in Code Lyoko: Evolution, his very essence seems to be linked to the very Heart of Lyoko itself, as Aelita has some conversations with him in some episodes.

Anthea Hopper[edit]

Anthea Hopper was the wife of the computer scientist Waldo Franz Schaeffer, and Aelita's long-lost mother. In the original series, she is depicted as a young woman with fair skin, black eyes, and bright pink waist=length hair, which Aelita had inherited. Prior to the series, she had mysteriously disappeared and had not been seen or heard from for several years. In Code Lyoko: Evolution, she is revealed be very much alive and working alongside Professor Tyron, who had convinced her that her daughter was dead. Aelita, however, succeeded in contacting her at last and informing Anthea that she was her daughter; alive and well. With the mention of Lyoko, Anthea realized that it was indeed Aelita, but the connection was severed by Tyron before she could react further. In the cliffhanger episode, Ultimate Mission, she had sent a video message, saying how happy she was to know that Aelita was alive.

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