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Age & Scarpelli (Italian: [ˈaːɡe]) is the stage name used by the pair of Italian screenwriters Agenore Incrocci (1914–2005) and Furio Scarpelli (1919–2010).[1] Together, they wrote the script for about a hundred movies, mainly satirical comedies.

The duo started working together in Totò cerca casa of 1949, and ended their collaboration in the 1980s. They worked for many famous Italian directors, like Sergio Leone (The Good, the Bad and the Ugly),[1] Mario Monicelli (including their major work, L'armata Brancaleone), Dino Risi, Luigi Comencini, Pietro Germi and Ettore Scola and they wrote the dialogues of many Totò movies.[2]

In 1985, they decided to part ways, and subsequently worked separately for movies such as Boom for Age and Il Postino for Scarpelli. Age & Scarpelli are often considered the inventors of commedia all'italiana (Italian-style comedy).[3]

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