Toto Looks For a House

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Toto Looks For a House
Totò Cerca Casa.jpg
Film poster
Directed by Mario Monicelli
Produced by Antonio Mambretti
Written by Age & Scarpelli
Mario Monicelli
Vittorio Metz
Starring Totò
Music by Carlo Rustichelli
Amedeo Escobar
Cinematography Giuseppe Caracciolo
Edited by Renato Cinquini
Release date
  • 1949 (1949)
Running time
76 minutes
Country Italy
Language Italian

Toto Looks For a House (Italian: Totò cerca casa) is a 1949 Italian comedy film directed by Mario Monicelli and Steno.[1] The film is stylistically related to Italian neorealism, though it can be seen as a parody. It was a commercial success, being the second most popular film at the box office that year.[2]


In an afterwar Italy the problem for every citizen is to find a comfortable place to live. Beniamino Lomacchio (Totò) is one of the many people without a home and, together with his family, he's been living in a school. He cannot live there much longer, though, because school re-opens in September. Beniamino is a poor clerk and does not know what to do; he just hopes he'll find a comfortable apartment with a landlord who doesn't ask for too much rent.

One day, however, Beniamino finds a place to move into: a cemetery caretaker's house. Not all the family is convinced it's a great idea. They stay there for a short while, fleeing when they think they see a ghost. After leaving the house, Beniamino finds another job at the studio of an artist. But even here the family Lomacchio will not agree with Beniamino. They then find a large apartment. But they've been cheated; the apartment has already been rented out to another family. Eventually, even after staying in the Colosseum, Beniamino is in a car accident. He's finally found a home: a psychiatric hospital.



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