Ahtanum View Corrections Center

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Ahtanum View Corrections Center (AVCC)
Ahtanum View Corrections Center is located in Washington (state)
Ahtanum View Corrections Center
Location in Washington
Location Yakima
Coordinates 46°34′8″N 120°35′37″W / 46.56889°N 120.59361°W / 46.56889; -120.59361Coordinates: 46°34′8″N 120°35′37″W / 46.56889°N 120.59361°W / 46.56889; -120.59361
Status Closed
Security class Minimum, Assisted Living
Capacity 120
Opened 1997
Closed 2010
Managed by Washington State Department of Corrections (1997–2010)
Street address 2009 South 64th Ave.
City Yakima
County Yakima County
State Washington
ZIP Code 98903
Country United States

Ahtanum View Corrections Center was Washington's Convalescent Hospital for Convicts until the Dept. of Corrections closed the facility in 2010 due to budget cuts. It was where inmates with long-term care issues were incarcerated. These can be issues relating to age or long-term health-care needs. Since this facility closed, the inmates were relocated to a new medical housing unit at Coyote Ridge Corrections Center in Connell, Washington, as well as other prison facilities in the state depending on the level of medical care the individual inmates required at the time of transfer.

Located in Yakima, Washington, Ahtanum View is no longer open, except for the work release next door to the closed facility.