Aidan Zammit

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Aidan Zammit
Background information
Birth nameAidan Zammit Lupi
Born (1965-10-20) 20 October 1965 (age 57)
Sliema, Malta
GenresJazz, R&B, pop, film scores
Occupation(s)Musician, songwriter, producer
Instrument(s)Keyboards, piano, synthesizer, vocals, guitar
Years active1990–present

Aidan Zammit is a musician from Sliema, Malta. He has lived in Italy since 1985.


He has worked as a composer, musician and singer with several artists, including Mike Francis, Niccolò Fabi, Andrea Bocelli, Nicola Piovani, Vincenzo Cerami,[1] Claudio Baglioni, Bungaro, Lorenzo Feliciati,[2] Simone Cristicchi, Antonello Venditti, Marco Mengoni, Angelo Branduardi, Il Volo and Vocintransito. He performed in Khartoum with Fabi, in the first pop concert ever to be held by a western artist in Sudan.

At the Festival di Sanremo in 2004 he arranged and conducted the song “Guardastelle”, awarded for the Best Music that year.[3]

In 2009 Zammit joined Goblin (band), a group renowned for its movie soundtracks.[4]

With Mike Francis (musician) and Mario "Mari-One" Puccioni, Zammit has been a member of “Mystic Diversions”, with 6 albums and compositions featured in over 130 compilations published worldwide.[5]

He has performed and written for movie, television and theatre soundtracks, including films by Roberto Benigni and Warner Bros. cartoons.

In 2009 the album "Fly Away - The music of David Foster" was released and features Zammit as keyboardist and backing vocalist on three tracks. The songs feature international artists such as Jay Graydon, John "JR" Robinson, Neil Stubenhaus, Robbie Dupree and Arnold McCuller.[6]

In 2010 he toured as keyboard player with X-Factor winner Marco Mengoni.[7]

In 2012 and 2013 he toured the US and Latin America as pianist and musical director with Il Volo.

In 2013 he toured the US with Goblin (band)

Since 2014 he has toured with Claudio Baglioni and Gianni Morandi on keyboards, guitar and flute.[8]

In 2017 he has toured with Goblin (band) again in Europe and North America.[9]

In 2019 his first solo album "Exposed" was released.[10]


Solo projects[edit]

Mystic Diversions[edit]

Goblin Rebirth[edit]

Claudio Baglioni and Gianni Morandi[edit]


Niccolò Fabi[edit]

Mike Francis[edit]

Andrea Bocelli[edit]

  • 2001 - The Homecoming

Lorenzo Feliciati[edit]

Pope John Paul II[edit]

Patrizia Laquidara[edit]

Manuela Zanier[edit]

Sei Suoi Ex[edit]

Roberto Kunstler[edit]

Funky Company[edit]

Film Scores[edit]

Aidan Zammit[edit]

Music written with Bungaro[edit]

Performing with Nicola Piovani[edit]

Performing with Pasquale Filastò[edit]

Theatre Soundtracks[edit]

Aidan Zammit and Vincenzo Cerami[edit]

Television Soundtracks[edit]

Aidan Zammit and Monica Ward[edit]



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