Air France (band)

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Air France
Origin Gothenburg, Sweden
Genres Balearic beat
Labels Sincerely Yours
Members Joel Karlsson
Henrik Markstedt

Air France was a band from Gothenburg, Sweden[1] composed of Joel Karlsson and Henrik Markstedt. They were signed to the record label Sincerely Yours, founded by The Tough Alliance. Air France's music has been described as "post-rave bliss",[2] "beach foam pop",[3] and "Balearic disco".[4] Their No Way Down EP received a Best New Music inclusion from Pitchfork Media and a rating of 8.6.[4]

In August 2011, a new track titled "It Feels Good to Be Around You" from the band appeared on Pitchfork.[5]

In April 2012, the band announced its break up.[6]




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