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Direct Democrats
Abbreviation DD
Founded 4 April 2014 (2014-04-04)[1]
Ideology Direct democracy
Political position Big tent

The Direct Democrats (Swedish: Direktdemokraterna, DD) is a Swedish non-affiliated neutral political party, based on the principles of direct democracy.

The Direct Democrats party believes that the electorate should be able to directly influence their DD representatives by voting on political issues and policy proposals through the Internet.[2]


Direktdemokraterna 1 (18696561894).jpg
A Direktdemokraterna banner in Stockholm (2014)

The Direct Democrats party was approved by the Swedish Election Authority April 4, 2014.[1] This new party was a merger of three direct democracy parties; Demoex, Aktiv Demokrati, and Äkta Demokrati.[2] DD's short-term goal was to introduce the idea of direct digital democracy (DDD) in Sweden by running for election in 2014.

Digital democracy application[edit]

The Direct Democrats party voted in the end of 2016 to use a system for digital democracy being developed by the Swedish non-profit, iGov.Direct® Foundation to be released ahead of the Swedish 2018 September election.


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