National Movement for Development and Reform

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This article is about the Iraqi political party. For the Sudanese rebel group, see National Movement for Reform and Development.
National Movement for Development and Reform
Leader Jamal Al-Karboli
Founded 2009 (2009)
Ideology Islamic liberalism
Political position Centre-right
Religion Sunni Islam
International affiliation None
Seats in the Council of Representatives of Iraq:
7 / 328
Seats in the local governorate councils:
4 / 440

National Movement for Development and Reform (الحركة الوطنية للاصلاح والتنمية), more commonly known as Al-Hal or the Solution, is a political party in Iraq. The party is a Sunni-based party. [1]

There are branches in the following governorates:Baghdad, Anbar, Salah ad Din, Diyala, Nineveh, Kirkuk, and Dhi Qar.

Jamal Al-Karboli is the Secretary-General.

In the Iraqi governorate elections, 2009, it won 3 seats in Al Anbar. In the Iraqi parliamentary election, 2010, it joined the Iraqiyya coalition and was allocated 13 of their 91 seats.


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