Al-Adl cemetery

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Al Adl cemetery
Established 1926; 90 years ago (1926)
Location Majid street, Mecca
Country Saudi Arabia
Owned by State
Size 50,000 square meters

The al-Adl cemetery (Arabic: مقبرة العدل‎, translit. Maqbarat al-‘Adl, lit. 'Cemetery of Divine Justice'‎) is one of the earliest and largest resting places in Mecca. It is also the second largest cemetery in the city.

History and location[edit]

The graveyard was opened in 1926 and its size is around 50,000 square meters.[1] The cemetery is on Majed Street in Mecca.[2] It is near Masjid Al Haram that is located at northeast.[3] The cemetery is also near Makkah governorate headquarters that is at east side.[1]


Many eminent Saudi royals were interred in the Al Adl cemetery,[4] including Prince Nayef,[5] Prince Mansour,[1] Prince Mishari, Prince Majid, Prince Fawwaz,[6] Prince Sattam[7] and Prince Abdullah Al Faisal Al Saud.[1] Prince Fahd bin Saud also buried in the cemetery. Abd al-Aziz ibn Abd Allah ibn Baaz, Prince Saud bin Faisal Al Saud and Muhammad bin Saleh Al Othaimeen were also buried in the graveyard. Additionally, the cemetery has been used as a resting place for former imams of Masjid Al Haram.[1]


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