Hizam al Akhdar District

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Pre-2007 extent of Hizam al Akhdar District

Hizam al Akhdar (Arabic: الحزام الأخضرAl Ḥizām al Aḫḍar, English: Green Belt) was one of the 32 districts (shabiyat) of Libya, prior to the 2007 administrative reorganization.[1] The former capital city was Abyar. The territory of Hizam al Akhdar was transferred to the newly enlarged Marj District.[1] Before the transfer, it had a population of 85,898 (2007).[citation needed]

Former bounds[edit]

In the north and west, Hizam al Akhdar had a shoreline on the Mediterranean Sea. On land, it bordered the following districts:


Coordinates: 31°40′N 20°20′E / 31.667°N 20.333°E / 31.667; 20.333