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Alan Powers (born 1955) is a British teacher, researcher and writer specialising in architecture and design.

Powers trained as an art historian at University of Cambridge, gaining an undergraduate degree and a PhD.

As a writer Powers has been prolific, writing reviews, magazine articles, obituaries of artists and architects as well as books. He has concentrated on 20th century British architecture and architectural conservation. He has also written books on the design of book jackets, shopfronts, book collectors, and the artist Eric Ravilious as well as monographs on Serge Chermayeff, and the British firms of Tayler and Green and of Aldington, Craig and Collinge. He is joint editor of the journal Twentieth Century Architecture published by the Twentieth Century Society, and joint editor of the series of monographs, Twentieth Century Architects, published by RIBA and English Heritage with the Twentieth Century Society. In 2011-12, Powers was awarded a Mid Career Fellowship by the British Academy to study 'Figurative Architecture in the Time of Modernism', a study of non-modernist architecture in Britain.

He has curated several popular exhibitions, including Modern Britain 1929-39 Design Museum, 1999, Serge Chermayeff (Kettle's Yard), 2001, Eric Ravilious (Imperial War Museum), 2003 and Mind into Matter (De La Warr Pavilion), 2009, 'Eros to the Ritz: 100 years of street architecture' Royal Academy, 2012/3, Ardizzone, a retrospective (House of Illustration), 2016-17, and Enid Marx (House of Illustration), 2018.

Alan Powers was until recently Professor of Architecture and Cultural History at the University of Greenwich in London.[1] He currently teaches at the London campus of New York University and the London School of Architecture [2]

He is Chairman of Pollock's Toy Museum Trust, London and formerly Chair of the Twentieth Century Society (2007–2012). He remains involved in the Society's campaigns for education and conservation.

In 2008 Powers was elected to an Honorary Fellowship of the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) in recognition of his standing as one of the pre-eminent experts in the history of 20th-century architecture.

He has published illustrations in magazines (especially the Spectator in the 1980s) and exhibited watercolours and prints. These are published in the book Alan Powers, The Art of an Art Historian (see below).

Selected books[edit]

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