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Pronunciation [aleˈxandɾa]
Gender Female
Language(s) Spanish
Meaning Defender of Man
Other names
See also Alejandro, Alexandra, Alexander, Alex, Alessandro, Alexandru, Alexandre, Iskandar

Alejandra is the Spanish form of the Greek female given name Alexandra. Alejandra is also the female version of the male given name Alejandro.

Global Popularity[edit]

  • #24 in Spain
  • #255 in United States

People with the given name Alejandra[edit]

  • Alejandra Guzmán, a Latin Grammy Award–winning Mexican rock singer and actress
  • Alejandra Gulla, a field hockey player from Argentina, won a bronze medal with the national women's hockey team at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing
  • Alejandra García, an Argentine pole vaulter. Her personal best jump is 4.43 metres, which she achieved in April 2004 in Santa Fe. This is the current Argentine record
  • Alejandra Pizarnik, was an Argentine poet
  • Alejandra Barros, is a Mexican Actress
  • Alejandra Echevarría,is a Spanish beauty queen, fashion model, and singer from Jaén, Spain.
  • Alejandra Gutierrez, a Venezuelan actress and model
  • Alejandra Krauss, is a Chilean politician and former Minister of Planning and Cooperation.

Other uses[edit]