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Alexander Belostenny
Medal record
Men's Basketball
Representing the  Soviet Union
Summer Olympic Games
Bronze medal – third place 1980 Moscow USSR
Gold medal – first place 1988 Seoul
FIBA World Cup
Silver medal – second place 1978 Philippines USSR
Gold medal – first place 1982 Colombia USSR
Silver medal – second place 1986 Spain USSR
Silver medal – second place 1990 Argentina USSR
FIBA EuroBasket
Silver medal – second place 1977 Belgium USSR
Gold medal – first place 1979 Italy USSR
Gold medal – first place 1981 Czechoslovakia USSR
Bronze medal – third place 1983 France USSR
Gold medal – first place 1985 West Germany USSR
Bronze medal – third place 1989 Yugoslavia USSR

Alexander Mikhaylovich Belostenny (Ukrainian: Олександр Михайлович Білостінний; Russian: Александр Михайлович Белостенный ; February 24, 1959 – May 25, 2010) was a Ukrainian basketball player. He was a member of the Soviet national team from 1977 to 1992, except for an absence during a single competition, EuroBasket 1987. Alexander Belostenny died on May 25, 2010, from lung cancer.[1]

Club career[edit]

Belostenny spent most of his club career at Budivelnyk from Kyiv, and was a leading payer in its only Soviet Union League title in 1989. Late in his career, he played with the German club HERZOGtel Trier, where he also competed in the Korać Cup.

Soviet Union national team[edit]

As a player of the Soviet national team, Belostenny won three gold medals at the FIBA EuroBasket (EuroBasket 1979, EuroBasket 1981, and EuroBasket 1985), one gold medal at the 1988 Summer Olympic Games, and one bronze medal at the 1980 Summer Olympic Games. In addition, he is one of the top medalists in FIBA World Cup history, having four medals, one gold (1982) and three silver (1978, 1986, and 1990).


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