Alexandros Mavrogenis

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Alexandros Magrogenis
Alexandros Mavrogentis.jpg
Prince of Samos
In office
Preceded by Michail Grigoriadis
Succeeded by Ioannis Vithynos

Alexandros Mavrogenis was the Ottoman-appointed Prince of Samos from 1902 to 1904.

A member of the Romanian Mavrogenis family, he was the Ottoman ambassador to the United States before he was appointed governor of Samos in March 1902. On being appointed to the office of Prince of Samos, he was well-intentioned and wanted to work for the progress and good of Samos but fell short of these noble intentions.

However, he was an extremely nervous and timid man and because of the situation with the quarreling political factions on the island, which left no room for wise administration. He ruled strictly, but after elections to the Samian Parliament, the party he supported lost and he was dismissed.

He founded the Mavrogenios Professional School of Malagari and also ordered built the marble fountain of the monastery of Zoodohos Pigi.