Stephanos Mousouros

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Stephanos Mousouros
Stephanos Mousouros, Prince of Samos.jpg
Prince of Samos
In office
Preceded by Georgios Verovits
Succeeded by Konstantinos Vagianis
Personal details
Born 1841
Died 1906

Stephanos Mousouros was the Ottoman-appointed Prince of Samos from 1896 to 1899.

He was the grandson of the first Prince of Samos, Stephanos Vogoridis, and the son of Konstantinos Mousouros, governor of Samos for Vogoridis. Before becoming Prince of Samos, he was ambassador of the Ottoman Empire to the Kingdom of Italy. He ruled well, putting the law above everything else. The political factionism on the island decreased. He built the roads connecting Vathi, Karlovasi, Marathokampos, Platanos, Pirgos and the capital. Upon being dismissed by the Ottoman Sultan, he became ambassador of the Ottoman Empire to the United Kingdom.