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Alfred A. Marcus (born 1950) is the Edson Spencer Professor of Strategy and Technology Leadership at the Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota and the Technological Leadership Institute. He earned his PhD in political science at Harvard University, where studied with James Q. Wilson, and he has also taught as a visiting professor at Technion, INCAE, BI Norwegian Business School, and MIT.[1]

Published Works[edit]

His work focuses primarily on the relationship between public policy, the environment, and American business and his books include:

  • Promise and Performance: Choosing and Implementing an Environmental Policy(1980)
  • The Adversary Economy (1984)
  • Managing Environmental Issues: A Casebook (1992)
  • Controversial Issues in Energy Policy (1992), Reinventing Environmental Regulation: Lessons from Project XL (2002), and Strategic Foresight (2010).[2]

Environmental and Energy Policy Career[edit]

Outside academy, he has worked on environmental and energy policy analysis during the Carter and Reagan years at the Battelle Human Affairs Research Centers in Seattle, Washington. There he conducted and participated in studies on the commercialization of alternative energy technologies and new energy saving technologies. Following the Three Mile Island nuclear power incident, he also became involved in the work carried out by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission on the organization and management of nuclear power plants. Marcus has written many academic articles relating to organizational safety in publications like the Academy of Management Journal, the Strategic Management Journal, and Organization Science.[2][3][4]


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