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Constituent Assembly elections were held in Algeria on 28 September 1962, the first since independence in July. The Assembly was to have a one-year mandate to draw up and promulgate a constitution.[1] A single list of 196 National Liberation Front candidates was put to voters to approve, 180 of which were Arabs and 16 of which were of European origin.[2] A reported 99.7% voted in favour, with a turnout of 83.8%.[2]

The constitution was approved in a referendum in September 1963, and the mandate of the Assembly was extended by a year in accordance with article 77. However, President Ahmed Ben Bella froze the Assembly's activities and assumed full powers on 3 October 1963, and elections were not held until 1977.[3]


Party Votes % Seats
National Liberation Front 5,267,324 99.7 196
Against 18,860 0.4 -
Invalid/blank votes 16,290 - -
Total 5,302,294 100 196
Source: Nohlen et al.


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