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Algeria elects on national level a head of state - the president - and a legislature. The president is elected for a five-year term by the people. People's National Assembly (Assemblée Populaire Nationale) has 462 members, elected for a five-year term in multi-seat constituencies by proportional representation. Eight seats in the national assembly are reserved for Algerians abroad. The Council of the Nation (Conseil de la nation) has 144 members, 96 members elected by communal councils and 48 members appointed by the president. Algeria has a multi-party system, with numerous parties in which no one party often has a chance of gaining power alone, and parties must work with each other to form coalition governments.   According to a US Embassy cable, the 2009 presidential elections were "carefully choreographed and heavily controlled", with the official turnout figure "exaggerated" by at least 45%.[1]

Until 12 November 2008, presidents were limited to two terms; on this date, amendments to the constitution were passed which removed the term limits. Term limits were later reinstated in the 2016 constitution reform by President Abdelaziz Bouteflika.

The last legislative election was held in May 2017.

Latest elections[edit]

Presidential election[edit]

Abdelmadjid TebbouneIndependent4,947,52358.13
Abdelkader BengrinaEl Binaa1,477,83617.37
Ali BenflisTalaie El Houriyate897,83110.55
Azzedine MihoubiDemocratic National Rally619,2257.28
Abdelaziz BelaïdFuture Front568,0006.67
Valid votes8,510,41587.24
Invalid/blank votes1,244,92512.76
Total votes9,755,340100.00
Registered voters/turnout24,464,16139.88
Source: APS

Legislative elections[edit]

National Liberation Front1,681,32125.99164–44
National Rally for Democracy964,56014.91100+32
Rally for Hope for Algeria270,1124.1819New
Future Front265,5644.1114+12
Algerian Popular Movement241,0873.7313+6
Workers' Party191,9652.9711–13
Socialist Forces Front152,4892.3614–13
National Republican Alliance121,1561.876+4
Freedom and Justice Party88,4181.372
New Dawn82,9931.281–4
Dignity Party81,1801.263+1
Movement for National Reform77,2901.191
El Fath69,0631.071
Rally for Culture and Democracy65,8411.029
National Front for Social Justice63,8270.991–2
Party of Youth63,6820.9820
Movement of National Understanding51,9600.804
New Algeria Front49,4130.761
Independante El Wihda42,7570.663
Ahd 5442,1600.652–1
Republican Patriotic Rally40,6450.6320
El-Infitah Movement38,0610.5910
National Struggle Front34,6950.542
Union of Democratic and Social Forces33,3720.521–2
National Front for Freedom31,9760.491
Free Democratic Front28,7900.452
National Party for Solidarity and Development28,6170.442–2
Party of Algerian Renewal24,5840.3810
National Assembly Union17,5770.271
El Taouasol16,3340.251
National Union for Development15,0370.231
El Hillal14,5820.231
National Movement of Algerian Workers14,3690.221
Movement of Free Citizens14,0850.2210
Equity and Proclamation Party13,4000.211
Hope and Work12,8030.201
Nidaa El Awfiaa12,2240.191
El Wafa Wa Tawassol12,1700.191
El Wihda Oua Ettadaoul10,7710.171
El Wafa10,5610.161
Voice of the People9,8310.151
Abnaa Echaab9,4270.151
El Ouancharisse9,0460.142
En Nadjah9,0190.141
El Ichrak8,9010.141
El Moubadara8,6620.131
Al Kafaa Wal Masdakia7,8560.121
Old Ksar7,1490.111
Sawt Echaab6,6520.101
Izewran Independent List6,4020.101
El Amel6,3610.101
Independent Citizen Alternative List5,9770.091
El Darrouri5,6750.091
Forsane Ouargla5,4140.081
El Badr5,1610.081
El Noor4,5490.071
Citizen Initiative4,3090.071
Other parties615,1309.510
Valid votes6,468,18078.64
Invalid/blank votes1,757,04321.36
Total votes8,225,223100.00
Registered voters/turnout23,251,50335.38
Source: Constitutional Council

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