All Saints Church, Puerto de la Cruz

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All Saints Church
Puerto IglesiaInglesa 01.jpg
All Saints Church, Puerto de la Cruz
ProvinceAnglican Diocese of Gibraltar
Ecclesiastical or organizational statusparish church
Year consecrated1890
LocationPuerto de la Cruz (Tenerife, Spain).
Geographic coordinatesCoordinates: 28°24′34″N 16°32′54″W / 28.40944°N 16.54833°W / 28.40944; -16.54833
StyleGothic Revival

All Saints Church (opened 1890) is a church located in the town of Puerto de la Cruz on the island of Tenerife (Canary Islands, Spain). It is a place of Anglican worship.


The first Anglican communities arrivals in the Canary Islands settled mainly in the cities of Puerto de la Cruz, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and to a lesser extent in Santa Cruz de La Palma.[1]

In Puerto de la Cruz Anglican worship was originally set every Sunday at the home of Vice Consul Peter Reid, although he was a Presbyterian and a member of the Church of Scotland.[1]

In 1887 he founded the Taoro Company, which designate the same year free land for the construction of an Anglican church. In November of that year the Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Sierra Leone Ernest Graham visited the Puerto de la Cruz and formed a committee to implement the project of the church.[1]

The church was built with money donated by foreign visitors and British residents in the city. The organ, the pulpit, stained glass windows, baptismal font and other items were private donations. For its part, the parsonage and the stained glass windows were gifts from Mary Boreham and other family members.[2] She was the widow of Walter Long Boreham who had died in 1890. The style of temple is Gothic Revival architecture.

The Church of All Saints of Puerto de la Cruz was the first Anglican church built in the Canary Islands[2] and also this city also has the archipelago's oldest Anglican cemetery. In 1964 the Anglican Church fell under the Anglican Diocese of Gibraltar.[2]


Masses are held every Sunday at 11 am.[2] The parish area of the Church of All Saints currently includes all of northern Tenerife, the metropolitan area of the island[2] and the island of La Palma. To the south of Tenerife is The Anglican Church of St Francis South Tenerife[2] in the municipality of Adeje.[3]


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