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All That Remains Live.jpeg
Video album by All That Remains
Released October 30, 2007
Genre Metalcore, Melodic death metal
All That Remains chronology
The Fall of Ideals
All That Remains: Live

LIVE (All That Remains: Live) is a DVD released by the American metalcore band, All That Remains. It was released October 30, 2007.[1]

Track listing[edit]

Live In Baltimore[edit]

  1. Become The Catalyst
  2. This Darkened Heart
  3. The Air That I Breathe
  4. Six
  5. For Salvation
  6. Tattered On My Sleeve
  7. The Weak Willed
  8. Not Alone
  9. It Dwells In Me
  10. Focus Shall Not Fail
  11. Indictment
  12. This Calling

Live In Philadelphia[edit]

  1. Become The Catalyst
  2. This Darkened Heart
  3. Six
  4. Not Alone
  5. It Dwells In Me
  6. For Salvation
  7. Tattered On My Sleeve
  8. Regret Not
  9. We Stand
  10. Indictment

Bonus Material[edit]

  • ATR Fans
  • Guitar Hero 2 - Oli vs. Mike
  • History Of The Band
  • Life On The Tour Bus
  • Autograph Sessions
  • Photo Slideshow 1
  • Photo Slideshow 2
Music videos
  • The Air That I Breathe (Official Music Video)
  • The Air That I Breathe (Behind The Scenes)
  • This Calling (Official Music Video)
  • Tattered On My Sleeve (Official Music Video)
  • This Darkened Heart (Official Music Video)
  • The Deepest Gray (Official Music Video)
  • Not Alone (Official Music Video)


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