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Allama Khalid Mahmud (Allama Khalid Mahmood, علّامہ خالد محمود) is an Islamic scholar. He is one of the senior scholars of Dar ul Uloom Ta'leemud - Din Dabhel. He served as justice of Supreme court of Pakistan (Shariat Appellate Bench).[1] He is also director of the Islamic Academy of Manchester UK.[2]


[citation needed]

  1. Khulafai-Rasheedin (2 volumes)
  2. Mutalia-e-Barailviat (9 Volumes)
  3. Aathar ut Tanzel (2 volumes)
  4. Aathar ul Hadith (2 volumes)
  5. Aathar ul Tashree (2 volumes)
  6. Aathar ul Ihsan (2 volumes)
  7. Muqam e Hayat
  8. Abqat
  9. Aqeedat-ul-Umat
  10. Aqeeda Khair Ul Umam
  11. Aqeedat-ul-Alalam


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