Almașu Mare

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Almașu Mare
Location in Alba County
Location in Alba County
Almașu Mare is located in Romania
Almașu Mare
Almașu Mare
Location in Romania
Coordinates: 46°5′24″N 23°7′51″E / 46.09000°N 23.13083°E / 46.09000; 23.13083
Country Romania
CountyAlba County
 • Total1,690
Time zoneUTC+2 (EET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+3 (EEST)

Almașu Mare (German: Groß-Obstdorf; Hungarian: Nagyalmás) is a commune located in Alba County, Romania.

With a population of 1690 according to the 2002 census, the commune is composed of seven villages: Almașu Mare, Almașu de Mijloc, Brădet, Cib, Cheile Cibului, Glod and Nădăștia. Its current mayor, as of 2006, is Aron Zaharie. A former mining centre for gold, its income comes now mainly from agricultural and agrotouristical activities.

Almașu Mare's tourist objectives are the Cibu Gorges, the Glod Gorges, a thermal spring and the Achim Emilian ethnographical museum.

In Romanian In German In Hungarian
Almașu Mare Groß-Obstdorf Nagyalmás
Almașu de Mijloc Középalmás
Brădet Tannenbach Bregyét
Cib Tropfbach Cseb
Cheile Cibului Theyenport Tyéj
Glod Kloden Glod
Nădăștia Rohrfeld Nádasdia


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Coordinates: 47°19′01″N 22°31′59″E / 47.317°N 22.533°E / 47.317; 22.533