Always New Jul–Dec 2000

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Always New Jul-Dec 2000
Always New Jul–Dec 2000.jpeg
EP by onelinedrawing
Released Online: 2000
CD: 2002
Genre Singer-Songwriter
Label Self-released
onelinedrawing chronology
Always New Jan-Jun 2000
Always New Jul-Dec 2000
Always New 2001

The second of three 'Always New' EPs. These were originally released by Jonah Matranga via his website as downloads, chronicalling the music he'd been creating in 6 month blocks. The recordings were later released on CD as a multimedia experience containing cartoons, pictures and, in Jonah's words, "who knows what else" from the period in which the music was written.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Jul (Never Run)
  2. Aug (In The Race)
  3. Sep (In My Life / When I'm 64)
  4. Oct (Little Duck)
  5. Nov (Mer-Kat)
  6. Dec (Stars)

Writing credits[edit]

All songs by Jonah Matranga, except Sep (In My Life / When I'm 64) by Lennon–McCartney.