Always and Forever Volume 2

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Always and Forever Volume 2
Always and Forever Volume 2.jpeg
Compilation album by Funker Vogt
Released April 30, 2006
Recorded 1995–2006
Genre aggrotech
Label Reporecords
Producer Gerrit Thomas
Funker Vogt chronology
Always and Forever Volume 2

Always and Forever Volume 2 (2006) is a two-disk aggrotech compilation album by Funker Vogt. Released only on Repo Records (REPO 014). This is a 2-CD set featuring Tragic Hero, Gunman and Code 7477 disks bundled with a bunch of titles that were previously unreleased.

Track listing[edit]

CD 1 CD 2
  1. "Tragic Hero (Haat Klaap Mix)"
  2. "Tragic Hero (Apoptygma Berzerk Remix)"
  3. "Tragic Hero (Blind Vision Remix)"
  4. "Spread Your Legs!"
  5. "Tragic Hero (Covenant Remix)"
  6. "The International Killer (Less Vox Remix)"
  7. "The Voices of the Dead (Evil's Toy Remix)"
  8. "Spread Your Legs! (F... Mix)"
  9. "Pure War Vol. 1 (1997)"
  10. "Drip Fed Fred (2000) [not on track listing]"
  11. "Live Execution (1998)"
  12. "Under Deck Vol. 1 (1999)"
  13. "The Journey Vol. 1 (1999)"
  14. "Harvester of Sorrow (2001)"
  15. "Paranoid (Live Edit)"
  1. "Gunman (Classic)"
  2. "F-117"
  3. "Gunman (Crossed)"
  4. "Gunman (Female)"
  5. "Nuclear Winter (Frost Bitten)"
  6. "Funker Vogt (Completed)"
  7. "Funker Vogt 2nd Unit (Krolled)"
  8. "Black Hole (re|worked)"
  9. "Funker Vogt (March On!)"
  10. "Funker Vogt 2nd Unit (Transmitted)"
  11. "Black Hole (blind)"
  12. "Taxi zum Mars"
  13. "Maschine Zeit (V-mix)"
  14. "No rest for the Wicked (Soft Version)"
  15. "Fortunes of War (AF2-Mix)"