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Amadeus is a theophoric given name derived from the Latin words ama – the imperative of the word amare (to love) – and deus (god). As a linguistic compound in the form of a phereoikos, it means "Love god!".

The best-known bearer of the name is the composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Equivalent and similar names[edit]

The German-language calque is "Gottlieb'.

Borrowings include the female form, "Amadea", the French "Amédée" (male), the Spanish "Amadeo", the Italian "Amedeo", and "Amadis", the Polish "Amadeusz" .

Similar Slavic names include "Bogomil" and "Bohumil" meaning "Dear to God". The Arabic "Habibullah" means "Beloved of God". The Greek name "Theophilos" means "friend of God".


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