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The Police Community of the Americas or Ameripol (Spanish: Comunidad de Policías de América) is a hemispheric mechanism of cooperation police organization created in 2007.

Mission: The Police Community of the Americas - AMERIPOL is a hemispheric mechanism of cooperation, which purpose is to promote and enhance the police cooperation in terms of technical-scientific facts, training, exchange of information and progress in terms of legal assistance to allow guide a strategic and operational work against threats to public and citizen safety.

Vision: For the year 2015, the Police Community of the Americas - AMERIPOL will be constituted in an excellent organism of Police cooperation for the joint of strategies against the organized crime and the transnational crime in the Americas, supported in the work from every police force and homologous institutions, and ensuring the calmness to citizens.

Representatives of 18 countries formalized the creation of Ameripol on 14 November 2007 in Bogotá, Colombia.

Member police forces[edit]

Observer agencies[edit]

BKA (Oficina Federal de Investigación Criminal de Alemania)
Royal Canadian Mounted Police
CLACIP (Comunidad Latinoamérica y del Caribe de Inteligencia Policial
(Comisión de Jefes/as, Directores/as de Policía de Centroamérica, México, el Caribe y Colombia)
National Police Corps of Spain
Civil Guard (Spain)
Europol (Oficina de Policía de Europa)
Guardia di Finanza
International Association of Chiefs of Police
Dirección Central del Servicio Antidrogas de Italia
Organization of American States
RSS (Sistema de Seguridad Regional)
Ministerio del Interior de Francia
Cuerpo de Servicios Policiales de Holanda
Policía Nacional de Suecia
Polícia de Segurança Pública
Center for Research and National Security
Policía Principat d'Andorra

Executive Secretaries and presidents[edit]

Executive Secretaries:

  • Maestro Enrique Francisco Galindo Ceballos (since 2013)


  • General Rodolfo Palomino (since 2013)

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