Amiskwi River

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Amiskwi River
Country Canada
Province British Columbia
Source Amiskwi Pass
 - location Rocky Mountains
Mouth Kicking Horse River
 - location West of Field, British Columbia
 - elevation 3,837 ft (1,170 m)
 - coordinates 51°22′53″N 116°32′49″W / 51.38139°N 116.54694°W / 51.38139; -116.54694Coordinates: 51°22′53″N 116°32′49″W / 51.38139°N 116.54694°W / 51.38139; -116.54694 [1]

The Amiskwi River is a stream of about 27 kilometres (17 mi) in length in British Columbia, Canada.[2] It is a tributary of the Kicking Horse River. The name Amiskwi is a Cree word for Beavertail. Just as there is an Otterhead River and an Ottertail River (both of which join the Kicking Horse downstream from the Amiskwi), there is also a Beaverfoot River (also a Kicking Horse River tributary) to go with the Beavertail River, which is an old name for the Amiskwi. Another old name of the river is the North Branch Kicking Horse River.


The Amiskwi River is the longest tributary of the Kicking Horse River, beginning at Amiskwi Pass[2] and flowing south for about 17.7 kilometres (11.0 mi) then southeast for about 11.5 kilometres (7.1 mi) until its confluence with the Kicking Horse River at almost exactly the same location as the mouth of the Emerald River.

Largest tributaries[edit]

Amiskwi Lodge[edit]

Amiskwi Lodge is a small lodge located just above Amiskwi Pass. It is open in the winter and the summer. It provides visitors with many options, such as backcountry skiing in winter or mountain biking in the summer.[3]

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