Amik Valley

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Amuk, Amuq, Amouq
Amik Valley is located in Turkey
Amik Valley
Shown within Turkey
Location Antakya, Turkey
Coordinates 36°20′N 36°20′E / 36.33°N 36.33°E / 36.33; 36.33
Type Cluster of Tells
Periods PPNB, Neolithic
Site notes
Condition Ruins
Public access Yes

The Amuk, Amuq or Amouq (or Amik) valley is located in the southern part of Turkey, in the Hatay Province, close to the city of Antakya (Antioch on the Orontes). It is notable for a series of archaeological sites in the "plain of Antioch".[1]

The primary sites of the series are Tell al-Judaidah, Çatalhöyük (Amuq), Tell Tayinat, Alalakh, and Tell Dhahab.[1] Tell Judaidah was surveyed by Robert Braidwood and excavated by C. MacEwan of the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago in the 1930s.[2][3]


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