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Anaicut or Anaikattu is A small Panchayat village and a taluk in Vellore district.It has a taluk office instead of pallikonda town is nearby. It is located 20 km from Vellore city limit. It is one of the state assemblies in Tamil Nadu, India. The name of the Village is often confused with dam, but there are no such dams in and around the village. This region was popular for agriculture. In Early days rice segregated from paddy using elephants in this region. The name aanai refers to elephant and kattu refers to tie in Tamil language. 'Aanaikattu becomes Anaikattu and further Anaicut during the British period . Highest economical income Anaicut, in taluk surrounding

It has two government higher secondary schools and a few primary nursery schools, and Sree Krishna Engineering college. The nearest town is Pallikonda

Anaicut is also famous for "Dhraupati Amman Temple" wherein religious drama and speech about "Mahabaratham" conducted with the belief of praying for rain. Devotees from surrounding villages visited to hear these speeches.

Shandy (Weekly market) every Saturday is the common place for sellers and buyers of vegetables

Coordinates: 12°52′35″N 78°59′17″E / 12.876311°N 78.988148°E / 12.876311; 78.988148