Anata o Omou Hodo

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"Anata wo Omou Hodo"
MAX Anata wo Omou Hodo Single Cover.jpg
Single by MAX
from the album Jewel of Jewels
Released November 30, 2005
Format CD Single, Digital Download
Genre Pop
Length 16:12
Label Sonic Groove
MAX singles chronology
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Anata wo Omou Hodo
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"Anata wo Omou Hodo (あなたを想うほど)" is MAX's twenty ninth single under the Sonic Groove label. It was their first ballad single with former member, Aki. The coupling track "Wonder Woman" was used as the opening theme to the TV drama, "Star Light" which featured the group itself as rising popstars.


Original announcements for the single stated that "Wonder Woman" would be its leading track. The lead track was switched to "Anata wo Omou Hodo" in October and "Wonder Woman" was made its b-side. The first description of the new lead track called it the group's first "slow ballad." The single was originally going to contain six tracks based on three original songs. The third the song was supposed to be a reworking of their 1999 hit, "Isshoni...," but it was scrapped before release. "Anata wo Omou Hodo" was released as an enhanced CD containing the music video as part of a CD-ROM portion of the disc.

Commercial Endorsements[edit]

The b-side, "Wonder Woman" was used as the opening theme song to the teen drama, "Star Light." The show followed the lives of a group of friends in an arts academy as they follow their dreams to be superstars. Lina, Reina and Aki played a group named, "Real" who are the hottest act on the scene and graduates of the school. Nana played an instructor at the school.

Music video[edit]

A video for "Anata wo Omou Hodo" was produced and released a few weeks prior to the release of the single. Since their comeback, the members of MAX have been trying to broaden their scope by presenting themselves as individuals outside of the group. The concept of the video reflects this desire. In their online diary on their official site, they state that they shot themselves separately to show four different world views. None of the members appear together throughout the video. Each member appears in their own vignette. Reina's involved her in a park playing with her dog. Aki and Lina's scenes are staged in their apartments as they go about doing everyday sort of things. Nana's follows her around her day as she shops.

Track listing[edit]

# Title Songwriters Time
1. "Anata wo Omou Hodo" tetsuhiko 4:46
2. "Wonder Woman" Natsumi Kobayashi, Usami Hidefumi 3:22
3. "Anata wo Omou Hodo (Instrumental)" tetsuhiko 4:45
4. "Wonder Woman (Instrumental)" Usami Hidefumi 3:19


  • MAX - vocals, background vocals


  • Art Direction - Shinichi Hara
  • Design: Tomokazu Suzuki
  • Photography - JFKK
  • Stylist - Daisuke Fujimoto
  • Hair - MASA.I
  • Make Up - YOSHI.T for MONDO


Oricon Sales Chart (Japan)

Release Chart Peak Position Sales Total Chart Run
30 November 2005 Oricon Daily Singles Chart 30
30 November 2005 Oricon Weekly Singles Chart 53 2,834 2 weeks