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Anders Ilar (born December 1973) is a Swedish electronic musician and producer, based in Gothenburg.


Born in Ludvika, Ilar grew up in the little town that is surrounded by woods and lakes, and started playing the piano when he was six. However, he gradually lost interest after he started taking lessons. Instead, he became fascinated with electronic sounds and science fiction, and grew up listening to Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk and Tangerine Dream.

By the time Ilar was a teenager, he spent most of his time playing with synthesizers, sequencers and drum machines, resulting in an almost endless amount of tracks recorded on tape. Never feeling really satisfied with the quality of his productions, he decided to take a break in 1997.

After some time, Ilar was introduced to a new way of producing music — computer software. After making a few tracks, he decided to start producing again. He got in contact with the German label, Plong!, and was able to make his first official release. Since then, his output has spanned over many electronic styles — from the dubwise techno explorations for Echochord, via the blissful ambience of Everdom, through to the deeper abstractions of his pieces, and the recent darkside acid techno on DSP and Narita.

Ilar now lives in Gothenburg on the Swedish west coast.



Everdom CD Shitkatapult Strike 37 2003
Enkel CD 029 2005
Nightwidth CD Narita NRTCD2 2006
Ludwijka LP Merck LW 2006
Ludwijka Extended Visit CD Shitkatapult Strike 82 2007
Melt (with Fredrik Hedvall) CD Narita NRTCD3 2008
Sworn LP/CD Level LVL-11 2008
Twilight Rainfalls MP3 - 2008
Vidare Cass Further Fur020 2010
Stories of Old CD Yard Rec yardrec 002 2010
Wavefunction Formula CD Level LVL-19 2010?
Elva CD Shitkatapult Strike139 2012
  • The title Vidare is a pun in Swedish; "Anders ilar vidare" translates to "Anders hurries on."
  • While Wavefunction Formula was set to be released November 18, 2010, a mispress seems to have delayed the actual release.

12"s and EPs[edit]

Pinesky 01 - Anders Ilar / Olof Hemmendorff 12" - 2000
Rend - Inter 12" Plong! 05 2001
Rend - Wallflower 12" Plong! 08 2002
Replik 12" Shitkatapult Strike 34 2002
Everdom 12" Shitkatapult Strike 37 2003
Endast 12" 026 2003
Hydro 12" Shitkatapult Strike 42 2003
Senare 12" 027 2004
Rendthree 12" Plong! 11 2004
Treasure Gardens EP 12" Echocord 012 2004
Rend - Item EP MP3 Auido:808/06 2005
Nightwidth EP 12" Narita NRT06 2005
Fholo EP 12" Defrag 012 2005
Elva Remixes 12" Shitkatapult Strike140 2012


Apparat - Duplex.Remixes 12" Shitkatapult Strike 45 2004
Mikkel Metal - Remix pt.3 12" Echocord 011 2004
Le Dust Sucker - Mean Boy Remixed 12" Plong! 16 2005

Compilation appearances[edit]

Onehow Tobias Thomas - Smallville CD Kompakt CD 24 2003
Tank Collectanea: first course DVD Escapi 2003
Treasure Gardens Groove CD 3 • 2004 CD Groove 2004
Shorthand Hidden City - Soundportraits from Göteborg CD Sub Rosa 2004
Flakes Descent Special Musick For Special People 4LP/DVD Shitkatapult 50 2004
Simplicity Soft Then Hard LP MP3 Clever Music 005 2005
Untitled, Untitled We Were Acid 12" Membrane Recordings 006 2005
Between the Digits Do You Copy? 2CD Mitek 2006
Korp Ström - Pausfågeln Remixad CD Container 2006
Rain In All Familiar Places Re-Fragment CD Fragment 2010

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