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Andy Akiho (2 February 1979,[1] Columbia, South Carolina) is an American musician and composer of contemporary classical music. A virtuoso percussionist based in New York City, his primary performance instrument is steel pans.[2]


Akiho is a graduate of the University of South Carolina with a B.M. in percussion performance, the Manhattan School of Music with a M.Mus. in contemporary performance, and the Yale School of Music with a second M.Mus. in composition.[3] He is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in composition at Princeton University.[2] While he was an undergraduate, he was also a member of the Carolina Crown Drum and Bugle Corps of Fort Mill, South Carolina and then of The Cadets Drum and Bugle Corps of Allentown, Pennsylvania.[4]



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  • 2008 Brian M. Israel Prize
  • 2009 ASCAP Morton Gould Young Composers Award
  • 2010 Horatio Parker Award
  • 2011 Finale National Composition Competition Grand Prize
  • 2011 Woods Chandler Memorial Prize
  • 2011 Yale School of Music Alumni Award
  • 2012 Carlsbad Composer Competition Commission
  • 2012 Chamber Music America (CMA) Grant
  • 2014 CMA Grant
  • 2014 American Composers Orchestra Underwood Emerging Composers Commission
  • 2014 Fromm Foundation Commission from Harvard University
  • 2014-15 Luciano Berio Rome Prize
  • 2015 Lili Boulanger Memorial Fund


Akiho's early works were largely Caribbean-themed, folk and jazz based works for steel bands and steel pan players like himself. With increased experience and education, he has evolved into a composer of contemporary concert music.[7]

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  • Phatamachickenlick (1997) for snare drum duet
  • Hip-Hopracy (2001) for 9 percusionists
  • Macqueripe (2002) for tenor steel pan
  • Omnipresent (2003) for tenor steel pan
  • Daidai Iro (2005) for steel pan, cello, bass, and drums with toy piano & glockenspiel optional; also for solo tenor steel pan
  • Aka (2006) for steel pan, cello and/or double bass, drums, and optional violin
  • Momo Iro (2006) for steel pan, guitar, bass, and drums; also for solo tenor steel pan
  • Murasaki (Purple) (2006) for steel pan, harp, cello, bass, and drums; also for solo tenor steel pan
  • Hadairo (Beige) (2007) for string quartet, harp, steel pan, bass, and drums; also for solo tenor steel pan
  • Karakurenai (2007/2011) flexible instrumentation for one or more players
  • I falleN TwO (2008) for steel pan and string quartet
  • the rAy's end| (2008) for trumpet, violin, and steel pan
  • Vick(i/y) (2008) for prepared piano
  • Ki-Iro (2009) for woodwinds, strings, harp, piano & 3 percussion
  • to wALk Or ruN in wEst harlem (2008) for flute, bass clarinet, violin, cello, vibraphone, and drums; also (2016) for 8 member percussion ensemble
  • 21 (2009) for cello (double loop pedal and kick drum) and steel pan (double tambourine) or marimba (double tambourine)
  • Alloy (2009) for steel pans band & metallic drum set
  • Amalgamation (2009) for saxophone quartet and digital playback
  • NO one To kNOW one (2010) for soprano, clarinet (doubles bass clarinet), cello, piano, percussion, vibraphone and/or steel pan (vibes & pan play same score)
  • Erase (2011) for flute, clarinet (doubles bass clarinet), violin, cello, piano, percussion
  • Five Movements for Piano Trio (2011) for piano, violin, and cello
  • In/Exchange (2011) for steel pan and string quartet
  • LIgNEouS 3 (2011) for marimba and string quartet
  • Six Haikus (2011) for baritone voice, trumpet, trombone, and bass clarinet
  • Stop Speaking (2011) for snare drum and digital playback
  • -intuition (2012) for trumpet and marimba
  • LIgNEouS 1 (2012) for marimba and string quartet
  • Oscillate (2012) for string orchestra, piano, and 3 percussion
  • Three Shades, Foreshadows (2012) for cello and digital playback
  • Bagatelle (2013) for solo piano
  • Transparency (2013) for solo piano
  • Deciduous (2014) for violin and lead/tenor steel pan
  • LIgNEouS 2 (2014) for marimba and string quartet
  • String Quartet 1 "Mobile on a Stream Into the Now" (2012) for string quartet
  • Revolve (2013) for string quintet
  • Speaking Tree (2013) for brass quintet, string quintet, and percussion
  • Tarnished Mirrors (2013/2015) Concerto for ping pong, violin, percussion, & orchestra
  • Pillar IV (2014) for percussion quartet
  • Two Bridges (2014) three movements for harp duo
  • Beneath Lighted Coffers (2015) Concerto for steel pan and orchestra
  • LIgNEouS 4 (2016) for marimba and string quartet
  • LIgNEouS 5 (2016) for marimba and string quartet
  • Prospects of a Misplaced Year (2017) for piano and string quartet
  • Lost on Chiaroscuro Street (2017) for clarinet, violin, cello, and piano


Source= [9]

NO one To kNOW one (Innova Recordings #801) – Performer and composer

Featured on[edit]

Vicky Chow – AORTA (New Amsterdam Records) – Composer "Vick(i/y)"

Mariel Roberts – Nonextraneous Sounds (Innova Recordings #247) – Composer "Three Shades, Foreshadows"

RighteousGIRLS – Gathering Blue (Panoramic Recordings PAN03) – Composer "KARakurENAI"

Loadbang – Monodramas (Analog Arts AA1402) – Composer "Six Haikus"

Anthony de Mare – Liaisons: Re-Imagining Sondheim from the Piano (ECM Records 2470-72) – Arranger "Into the Woods"

Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra & Bright Sheng – Intimacy of Creativity - Five Year Retrospective (Naxos Records 8.573614-15) – Composer and performer "21 (Acoustic Version)"

Phillip O'Banion – Digital Divide (bcm&d Records 888295404686) – Composer "Stop Speaking"

Cover versions[edit]

An alumnus of two top Drum Corps International performing ensembles, Akiho is becoming a popular composer within the activity. In the summer of 2014, the Bluecoats performed to wALK Or ruN in wEst harlem. In 2016, it was performed by The Battalion while Golden Empire, Legends, and Oregon Crusaders played NO one To kNOW one. In 2017, the first corps he marched with, Carolina Crown.had NO one To kNOW one as a featured piece.[10]


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