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Diocese of Swaziland

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Diocese of Swaziland
Ecclesiastical provinceAnglican Church of Southern Africa
CathedralCathedral Church of All Saints, Mbabane
Current leadership
BishopDalcy Badeli Dlamini

The Diocese of Swaziland is a diocese in the Anglican Church of Southern Africa. It was founded in 1968. It comprises the country of Eswatini. It is divided in three archdeaconries, Eastern, Southern and Western.



The diocese was created in 1968, shortly after the independence of Swaziland and had Anthony Hunter as its first bishop, from 1968 to 1975.

The diocese is twinned with the Episcopal Diocese of Iowa (Iowa, United States) and with the Episcopal Diocese of Brechin (Scotland).

Bishops of the diocese


Coat of arms


The diocese registered a coat of arms at the Bureau of Heraldry in 1969 : Azure, two Swazi battle-axes erect addorsed, handles Or, blades Argent, bound Gules. The shield is ensigned of a bishop's mitre.[1]


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