Annibal-class ship of the line

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Class overview
Name: Annibal
Builders: Brest
In commission: January 1779 - 1794
Completed: 2
General characteristics
Type: ship of the line
Tonnage: 1,478
  • 2,939 tons (Annibal)
  • 2,965 tons (Northumberland)
  • 54.57 m (179.0 ft) (Annibal)
  • 54.90 m (180.1 ft) (Northumberland)
Beam: 14.29 m (46.9 ft)
Draught: 7.2 m (24 ft)
Propulsion: Sail
Armament: 74 to 78 guns
Notes: Ships in class include: Annibal, Northumberland

The Annibal class was a class of two 74-gun ships of the French Navy. The type was one of the first achievements of Jacques-Noël Sané. His first design - on 24 November 1777 - was for a ship of 166 pieds (176 feet 11 inches) length, but he produced an amended design on 10 January 1779 for the Annibal, and a further amended design on 3 March 1780 for her near-sister Northumberland. Both ships were captured during the Third Battle of Ushant ("Bataille du 13 prairial an II" or "Glorious First of June") on 1 June 1794 off Ushant, but were not commissioned into the British Navy.

Builder: Brest Dockyard
Ordered: 20 February 1778
Launched: 5 October 1778
Fate: Captured by the Royal Navy and renamed HMS Achille, but broken up at Plymouth in February 1796.
Builder: Brest Dockyard
Launched: 3 May 1780
Fate: Captured by the Royal Navy and named HMS Northumberland, but broken up at Plymouth in November 1795.


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