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Annie B. Bond
Portrait of Annie B. Bond
Annie B. Bond at her home in Rhinebeck, NY.
Born1953 (age 66–67)
Other namesAnnie Berthold-Bond
OccupationGreen-living advocate, Author

Annie B. Bond (formerly Annie Berthold-Bond) (born 1953) is a green-living advocate, author, editor, entrepreneur, and consultant. She lives in Rhinebeck, New York. She is currently the editor-in-chief of The Wellness Wire.[1] She is also the founder of and[2][3] Bond has written five books on green living and was named "the foremost expert on green living" by Body & Soul magazine in 2009.[1][2][4][5]


In a 2013 interview, Bond stated that she was poisoned in 1980 by a gas leak at the restaurant where she was employed. The leak sent her and 80 people to the hospital, where she was diagnosed with permanent central nervous system damage.[2] Her apartment building was soon exterminated with a pesticide which she said was later taken off the market because it was neurotoxic.[2] She was diagnosed with atypical manic depression.[2]

Bond was put under the care of Dr. Leo Galland, one of the first environmental medicine MDs, who diagnosed her with organophosphate pesticide poisoning and multiple chemical sensitivity[2][6][7] (a controversial condition not widely recognized). Since then, Bond has made green living her career due to her perceived necessity of living without chemicals.[6][7][8]

In 1988, Bond gave birth to her only child, Lily Berthold-Bond, who also writes about green living.[9][10]


Bond is the author of five books on green living. Her first book, Clean and Green: The Complete Guide to Non-Toxic and Environmentally Safe Housekeeping, was published in 1990. It was a best seller.[2]

Her second book, The Green Kitchen Handbook, in which Meryl Streep wrote the foreword to, was published in 1997.[11] Better Basics for the Home: Simple Solutions for Less Toxic Living, her third book, was published in 1999 and Home Enlightenment, her fourth book, was published in 2005.[7][12]

In 2010, Bond collaborated with Melissa Breyer and Wendy Gordon (foreword by Alice Waters) on the book True Food: Eight Simple Steps to a Healthier You.[13] True Food was published by National Geographic and won the 2010 Gourmand Award as one of the Best Health and Nutrition Books in the Lifestyle, Body and World category.[14]


Bond has been recognized as an expert in green living.[2][4][5] In addition to her five books, Bond was the founder and editor-in-chief of “Green Alternatives for Health and the Environment” from 1989 to 1994.[15] From 1994-1996, she was the editor-in-chief for “The Green Guide,” which was published by Mothers & Others for a Livable Planet and is now owned by National Geographic.[16]

Between 2000 and 2008, Bond was the Executive Producer of Healthy and Green Living for, where she authored over 4,000 blogs.[17] Her newsletters reached 1.8 million subscribers.[citation needed]

Bond has also written blogs and articles for Gaiam, Intent, and Body & Soul, among others.[4] She partnered with alternative medicine specialist Deepak Chopra on a featured blog for The Huffington Post.[18] In 2007, Bond served as the spokesperson for Maid Brigade, as well as serving as a consult for the company.[5]

According to Chopra, “Bond offers a practical guide to create well-being for our home, our environment, and our planet. Follow her advice and both you and our planet will be healthier.”[4]

Bond has now launched The True Find for her “Ask Annie B.” column and other writings, as well as Bondify Media, a content marketing agency.


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