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Anthony Mora
Anthony Mora, Publicist, Playwright.jpg
Anthony Mora
OccupationPublic Relations, playwright

Anthony Mora is a Los Angeles publicist,[1] former journalist and magazine editor, entrepreneur, author, playwright, and screenwriter.

Public Relations[edit]

Anthony Mora is the founder of Los Angeles-based Anthony Mora Communications, a private company in the PR Agencies industry.[2] Founded in 1990, the agency specializes in media placement, image development, SEO, social media and media training.[3]

As a public relations and media relations expert,[4] Mora has been featured in a number of media outlets including The New York Times,[5] the Los Angeles Times,[6] The Wall Street Journal, CNN, the BBC.[7] His firm represents clients in fields including health,[5][8] beauty, law, publishing, film, entertainment,[9] technology, and business.

Anthony Mora Communications, Inc. has represented clients including The J Sisters, Hackensack University Medical Center, The Abi Fashion Collection and The Charles Winston Collection, Chuck Henry, HarperCollins and Putnam Publishing.[10] The firm has placed clients in a wide range of media outlets, including Time, Newsweek, 60 Minutes, Vogue, CNN, People, the Today Show, and hundreds of other local, national, and international media outlets.[10]

In 2002, Mora won the Irwin Award for Book Publicist of the Year (Best Fiction Campaign).[11]

Mora's clients in the film industry have included Paramount Pictures,[12] Bigfoot Entertainment,[13] Mitch Anderson,[14] Hilary Henkin, and actresses Roxana Brusso and Holly Hunter.

Mora also works with a number of artists from painters and sculptors to authors, directors and designers. He leads a program titled "P.R. For Artists".[15]


Mora is the author of two non-fiction books, including:

  • The Alchemy of Success (motivational, management, leadership; 1997).[16] ISBN 978-0-935016-21-5
  • Spin to Win (advertising, marketing, investing; 2003)—Mora's "Zen of media relations," which offers essential truths about getting the media to pay attention to you and/or your company.[17][18] ISBN 978-1-930709-28-7


In 2006, Anthony served as the playwright-in-residence at The Sidewalk Studio Theatre.[19] The theatre produced Anthony's play, P.O.P.: The Principles of Perfection, and the world premiere of the full play of Bang! A Love Story.[20]

Mora is the author of five plays:

  • Bang! A Love Story (Dragonon Incorporated; 2005).[21] ISBN 978-0-9763398-4-7 Scenes from the controversial, award-winning Bang! featuring ER actress Linda Cardellini were performed at the Acme Theater in Los Angeles and The American Place Theater in New York.[20] Bang! features characters whose core values are upended by youth, and was described in an Los Angeles Times review as "a blend of Vladimir Nabokov and Bret Easton Ellis."[22]
  • P.O.P.: The Principles of Perfection (2006) spotlights America's obsession with pop culture, pop stars, pop psychology and pop transformation.[23]
  • Modern Love (2009)[24] follows one of Hollywood's most successful blockbuster producers, whose obsession with his directorial debut takes him down a dark, precarious path.[20]
  • Silencing Silas (2012) is a one act noir play that features a lethal female lead.[25]
  • Hang Fire (2012) is suffused with Mora's trademark edgy, dark humor. It explores the shadow side of sex and power through a sex therapy group turned private revenge clique set on a dangerous vigilante mission.[25]


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