Appledore (North Devon) railway station

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BWH&AR Appledore station and railway route in 1969-70.jpg
The old railway route and ruins of Appledore station
Place Appledore
Area Torridge
Coordinates 51°03′22″N 4°11′42″W / 51.0561°N 4.1950°W / 51.0561; -4.1950Coordinates: 51°03′22″N 4°11′42″W / 51.0561°N 4.1950°W / 51.0561; -4.1950
Grid reference SS463307
Original company Bideford, Westward Ho! and Appledore Railway
Pre-grouping British Electric Traction
Platforms 1
1 May 1908[1] Opened
28 March 1917 Closed[2]
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Appledore railway station was a railway station in North Devon, situated close to the village of Appledore, a community lying on the peninsula formed by the sea (Barnstaple Bay), the River Torridge, and the River Taw.[3]


The station was, from 1 May 1908, the terminus of a line running some 7½ miles from Bideford.[4] This line had until 1901 run only as far as Northam.[3] Mr Harold Robert Moody was the station master.[5] The station closed on 28 March 1917 when the locomotives were taken away for use in World War 1.


The route of the railway.

Appledore had a 300-ft long, one-foot high platform, situated on the down side of the line.[6] Brick built public toilets, a general and ladies waiting rooms and ticket office were provided,[7] similar in appearance to those built at Westward Ho!. Two railway cottages were built at the site.[8][9] The station had gas lighting and was unique for the line in having a footbridge; this allowed access from Irsha Street to nearby allotments.[8]

A run-round loop was provided, together with a dead-end siding, engine shed, water tower, hydrant, and coal store. The signal cabin, situated on the platform, had ten levers and the station was controlled by up, down, and distant signals.[7] An example of the unusual B,WH&AR single post buffer stop was at the end of the siding.[8]

Micro history[edit]

A terracotta memorial entitled 'Appledore station', on a background of locomotive wheels and gearing, produced by ceramic artist Maggie Curtis, commemorates the old station.[10]

The trackbed from Appledore to Richmond Road Halt was converted into a road in 1935 and the station buildings were demolished apart from the back wall.[11]

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