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Arc may refer to:


Science and technology[edit]


  • Arc, in geology a mountain chain configured as an arc due to a common orogeny along a plate margin or the effect of back-arc extension
    • Hellenic arc, the arc of islands positioned over the Hellenic Trench in the Aegean Sea off Greece
  • Back-arc region, the region created by back-arc extension, containing all the basins, faults, and volcanoes generated by the extension
  • Island arc, an arc-shaped archipelago, usually so configured for geologic causes, such as sea-floor spreading, common orogeny on the margin of the same plate, or back-arc extension
  • Continental arc, in geology a continental mountain chain or parallel alignment of chains (as opposed to island arcs), configured in an arc
  • Volcanic arc, a chain of volcanoes positioned in an arc shape as seen from above
    • Aleutian Arc, a large volcanic arc in the U.S. state of Alaska
  • Nastapoka arc, a circular coastline in Hudson Bay


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  • Arc (Provence), a river of southern France, flowing into the Étang de Berre
  • Arc (Savoie), a river of eastern France, tributary of the Isère river
  • Les Arcs, a ski resort in the French Alps
  • Arc, short for "Arcade"; a Street suffix as used in the US

Other uses[edit]

  • Arc (Bahá'í), a number of administrative buildings for the Bahá'í Faith, located on Mount Carmel in Israel
  • Arc (greyhounds), a major greyhound race in the Greyhound Board of Great Britain calendar

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