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Arc may refer to:


  • Arc (protein), a name of product of an immediate early gene, also called Arg3.1
  • Arc system, a 2-component system found in prokaryotes, used to detect cellular redox poise

Computing and gaming[edit]


  • Arc or arch, a bowed or curved structure capable of spanning a space while supporting significant weight
  • Arc chute, a protective device in an electrical circuit breaker
  • Arc lamp, a device that produces light by an electric arc
  • Arc welding, a method of welding that uses an electric arc to melt the metals together
  • Electric arc or voltaic arc, an ongoing plasma discharge (an electric current through a gas), producing light and heat


Modern culture[edit]


  • Infralateral arc, a rare halo, an optical phenomenon appearing similar to a rainbow under a white parhelic circle
  • Lower tangent arc, rarely observable halo, an optical phenomenon appearing under and tangent to a 22° halo centred on the sun
  • 120° parhelion, relatively rare halo, an optical phenomenon occasionally appearing along with very bright sun dogs
  • Parry arc, a rare halo, an optical phenomenon which occasionally appears over a 22° halo together with an upper tangent arc
  • Subhelic arc, a rare halo that curves upwards from the horizon and touches the tricker arc above the anthelic point
  • Supralateral arc, a rare halo, an optical phenomenon often confused with the indeed infrequently appearing 46° halo
  • Upper tangent arc, halo, an atmospheric optical phenomenon which appears over and tangent to the 22° halo centred on the sun


  • Arc (Provence), a river of southern France, flowing into the Étang de Berre
  • Arc (Savoie), a river of eastern France, tributary of the Isère river
  • Island arc, a type of archipelago composed of a chain of volcanoes whose alignment is arc-shaped, and which are situated parallel and close to a boundary between two converging tectonic plates
  • Les Arcs, a ski resort in the French Alps
  • Volcanic arc, a chain of volcanoes positioned in an arc shape as seen from above

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