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Area code 321 is the area code serving Brevard County, Florida. The area code has been in use since November 1, 1999; it was assigned to the area, instead of suburban Chicago, after a successful petition led by local resident Robert Osband to commemorate the Space Coast's impact on the county. The code refers to the countdown sequence which has launched many spacecraft from Cape Canaveral.[1][2]

When it was activated in 2000, 321 was used as an overlay for most of area code 407 in the Orlando area, except for the small portion of Volusia County (around Deltona) that was located in 407 at the time (it is now in 386). However, no 321 numbers have been issued in the 407 territory since 2003. 321 is the only area code in North America that is the overlay of one established area code and the sole area code elsewhere.

This is also the one area code currently used with SatCom Satellite Phone units.[3] Harris/Caprock Corporation also has Maritime satellite calls going through their Corporate Call Center in Melbourne, Florida which use 321 area code.

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