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Aria Johnson
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Aria Johnson opening for Ludacris in 2009
Background information
Years active 2005 — present
Labels unsigned

Aria Johnson is an American recording artist, songwriter, and actress. In 2007 she starred on NBC’s Star Tomorrow for 13 episodes.[1] She sang her original music and completed 13 out of 14 episodes, almost winning the competition. Aria has starred in four seasons of Beverly Hills Pawn,[2] a Reelz Channel show.


According to her official biography, Aria was born and raised in Newark, California, and later moved to Los Angeles to further her career in music.[3] Her early influences toward music came from her mother, who is her former manager, and her father, Mike Johnson, a former bass guitarist for the band Bogus Thunder and current bass guitarist for Bad Boy Bruce & the Blues Mob (2007 to current); (Bad Boy Bruce band members include: Bruce Collett, Allan Andersen, Mike Johnson and Matthew Albarico).[4][5] As child through her early teen years, Aria Won Overall Grand Champion of the California State Talent Competition for vocals every year from 1996 through 2001. In addition, as an early teen, Aria was in a girl group called Reality, and as a late teen she fronted a band Lucky Six that toured California and Las Vegas also performing in San Francisco, San Jose and Los Gatos, and when asked to tour Europe, Hong Kong and China, Aria instead decided to focus on solo efforts and moved to Los Angeles.[4]


In 2005 Aria recorded a self-titled EP (Extended Play) that was never released to the public, however some of the songs from the EP were licensed: Her song Beauty aired on Tyra Banks' America's Next Top Model; Two other songs from her EP, Reason To Believe, and Bleeding aired on NBC’s Star Tomorrow.[6] In 2007, Aria beat the top 92 bands in the country and made it 13 of the 14 weeks in the competition Star Tomorrow. Of her performance, producer David Foster said. "She sings good, she looks good... she’s got something special",[6] However, it was reported that the offered contract with Warner Brothers was so bad that none of the top three artists wished to sign, even after winning their slots in the competition. Aria also starred in MTV’s Little Talent Show, along with Kimberly Locke from American Idol and Bryan Dattilo from Days of Our Lives.[7] Aria and Carvelli's “Something’s Up Tonight”, was Canada’s Top Dance Pick DDK Dance Charts in 2010.[8] Somethings Up Tonight was also cited as Best Dance Breakout Song 2010 according to The Masspool DJ Association in Canada.[9] Aria is currently starring in a TV series called Beverly Hills Pawn, by Reelz Channel. Aria is in 36 episodes.





  • 2012- eWorld Music Award: Best Female Performer
  • 2010- World Music And Dance Award: Artist Of The Year
  • 2009- Billboard Award: Song of the Year for "If You're Down"
  • 2001- Overall Grand Champion: California State Talent Competition
  • 2000- Overall Grand Champion: California State Talent Competition
  • 1999- Overall Grand Champion: California State Talent Competition
  • 1998- Overall Grand Champion: California State Talent Competition
  • 1997- Overall Grand Champion: California State Talent Competition
  • 1996- Overall Grand Champion: California State Talent Competition


On her "official" Myspace page, Aria relates how her musical influences are Aretha Franklin, Lauryn Hill, Jimi Hendrix, Bonnie Raitt, Etta James, Michael Jackson, Stevie Nicks, Mariah Carey, Donna Summer, The Supremes, Sheryl Crow, and Marvin Gaye, as well as "deep soulful house music".[10] Aria's music includes themes of love, which have been called "multi-generational...timeless".[11]


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