Arisbe (daughter of Merops)

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In Greek mythology, Arisbe /əˈrɪzb/ was a daughter of Merops of Percote, a seer. In a non-Homeric story, she married Priam, later king of Troy, and bore him a son named Aesacus. Priam subsequently divorced her in favor of Hecuba, daughter of King Dymas of Phrygia. Arisbe then married Hyrtacus, to whom she bore a son named Asius.[1] Ephorus wrote of Arisbe as the first wife of Paris.[2]

The name Arisbe is shared by other characters in Greek myth, including the wife of Dardanus[3] (the daughter of King Teucer of Crete, also called Bateia) and a daughter of Macareus. There was a town named Arisbe in the Troad (in the northwestern part of Anatolia) and another on the island of Lesbos. Arisbe, then, may be an eponym.[2] Arisbe is also the name of the residence of American philosopher Charles Sanders Peirce.


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