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Arpana Caur, 2015

Arpana Caur is an Indian painter and graphic artist.[1]


Arpana Caur comes from a Sikh family who fled the Pakistani West Punjab to the Republic of India in 1947 during the confusion over the partition of British India. Her mother is the writer Ajit Kaur (born in 1934), who writes in Panjabi. Kaur or Caur (pronunciation kor) is a religious surname worn by all female Sikhs. She has not had her first name Arpana since her birth, but she adopted it at the age of fifteen, as an expression of a personal development process.[2]

Arpana Caur graduated from the University of Delhi with a Master of Arts degree in Literature. In painting, she worked largely autodidactically. She proceeded to receive training in the etching technique at the Garhi Studios in New Delhi, completing it in 1982.[2][3]

In the 1990s, Arpana Caur created a series of collaborations with Indian folk artists from the indigenous ethnic groups of Warli and Godna, who lived in the Madhubani region of the Indian state of Bihar.[4]

Arpana Caur was a dignitary at the India Art Festival in 2017 at the Thyagaraj Stadium, INA Colony.[1]


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