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Art of Movement
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Art of Movement
Background information
Also known asAOM
OriginSeattle, Washington
GenresBreakdancing, dancing, choreography
Years active2002–present
Associated actsJay Park, Massive Monkeys, Illionaire, Prepix, Korean Assassins, Session 31, TheM Team, SoReal Cru
MembersDial Tone (Tony Orduna)
Junior (Junior Orduna)
Jay Park
Hep The Tightest (Hiep Do)
ChaCha (Cha Cha Malone)
Gil (Gil Umali)
StepRoc (Daniel Jerome Obispo)
Phé La Roc (Leng Phe)
Neil (Neil Chand)
Bowzer (Bao Nguyen)
Ace Chico (Christopher Chico)

Art of Movement (AOM) is a Seattle-based b-boy crew founded in 2002 by brothers Junior and Tony Orduna. The crew received attention due to member Jay Park's popularity as a singer and rapper.[1] Cha Cha Malone is a producer and composer, and works closely with Jay Park, and Dial Tone won R-16 Korea in 2012 with Massive Monkees, another Seattle-based b-boy crew. The crew has appeared on numerous nationally-broadcast TV shows in South Korea, performed worldwide, and appeared in many music videos, exposing the b-boy culture to a wide variety of people.[2][3]


Art of Movement (AOM) started as an idea between brothers Junior Orduna & Tony Orduna in 2000. Along with a few friends, they danced for fun in middle school, and by 2002, AOM became an official crew consisting of a handful of members. After the Orduna brothers relocated to north Seattle, they were introduced to other dancers. In 2003, AOM saw the addition of Jay Park, Chase Malone (Cha Cha Malone), Leng Phe (Phé La Roc), Gil, Neil, and Bao, with Christopher Chico (Chico) and Daniel Jerome (StepRoc) added in 2007. Over the years, members have pursued other endeavors, such as Jay Park, who went to South Korea in 2005, but have returned to work together, earning a reputation as one of the more respected crews to represent Seattle and the West Coast.[3] The crew has travelled worldwide, performing at concerts in Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Indonesia, and participating in large b-boy battles, such as R-16 Korea, and have appeared on numerous TV shows in South Korea.[2][4]

On April 2, 2013, AOM member Jay Park released a video titled "Art of Movement (2013)" on his YouTube channel. The video was filmed in March, 2013, and edited by fellow AOM member Hep, showing the crew b-boying and posing on the banks of Puget Sound, with the Seattle Great Wheel in the background, in the crew's hometown of Seattle over the soundtrack of "Stop Me" by Mark Ronson.[5]



List of awards and achievements by Art of Movement
Year Event Location Result
2012 R-16 Korea, member Dial Tone with Massive Monkees Seoul 1st
2011 Mighty 4 Portland 1st
2010 Claws Out Seattle 1st
2010 Mighty 4/Zulu Anniversary, 2 on 2 Seattle 1st
2010 Northwest Sweet 16, 2 on 2 Seattle 2nd
2010 Fight After X-mas, 2 on 2 Canada 1st
2010 Winter Nights, 6 on 6 Shoreline 1st
2009 Outshine Halloween Jam, 1 on 1 Seattle 1st
2009 The Takeover $2000, 2 on 2 Seattle 3rd
2009 Dance Broomz's Dodge Ball $400, 4 on 4 Tacoma 1st
2009 United Styles $50,000, 5 on 5 Boston 3rd
2009 Kill Beats Vol. 4 $1000 Vancouver 1st
2009 "360", Crew vs Crew Marysville 1st
2009 Ashes 2 Ashes Final Round, 1 on 1 Eugene 3rd
2009 Massive Monkee Day, 7 on 7 Seattle 2nd
2009 Starbar DanceOFF, 1 on 1 Seattle 1st
2008 The Burn $2000, 5 on 5 Seattle 1st
2008 Harbour Dance Series Vol. 6 Canada 1st
2008 Claws Out: Seattle Edition $1000, 2 on 2 Seattle 1st
2008 Rords of the Froor 5 Seattle 1st
2007 Mighty 4 San Francisco 1st
2008 "360", Crew on Crew Marysville 2nd
2008 Cipher Famous Finals, 2 on 2 Canada 2nd
2008 Breakin' Free $1000, 3 on 3 Hood River 1st
2007 "360" Marysville 2nd
2006 Breakin' the Silence Hood River 1st
2008 Eric's Night of Funk Puyallup 1st
2008 Kingz of WA NBL West Coast Regional Seattle 1st
2008 Kingz of the US National B-boy League Tucson 1st
2007 Massive Monkee Day Seattle 1st
2008 Harbour Dance Series Vol. 3 Canada 1st
2008 Harbour Dance Series Vol. 4 Canada 1st
2008 Texas Smoke Em' Vol. 1 Canada 1st
2008 World of Dance Tour Pomona/Los Angeles 3rd
2008 Hat Trick B-boy Showdown Medicine Hat 3rd
2008 Jazzbones, 1 on 1 Tacoma 1st
2002 Cypha Shoreline 1st
2002 Rec. B-boy of the Month Shoreline 1st


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