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Artie is a masculine given name, usually a diminutive of Arthur. It may refer to:


  • Artie Bettles (1891–1971), Australian rules footballer
  • Artie Butler (born 1942), American popular music arranger, songwriter and pianist
  • Artie Cobb (born 1942), American poker player
  • Artie P. Hatzes (born 1957), American astronomer
  • Artie Kornfeld (born 1942), American musician, record producer and music executive best known as the music promoter for the Woodstock Festival
  • Artie Lange (born 1967), American actor and comedian on The Howard Stern Show and Mad TV
  • Artie Malvin (1922–2006), American composer and vocalist on The Crew Chiefs and with Glenn Miller's band
  • Artie Pew Jr. (1898–1959), American college football and basketball player
  • Artie Shaw (1910-2004), American jazz clarinetist, composer and bandleader
  • Artie Simek (1916-1975), American calligrapher best known as a letterer for Marvel Comics
  • Artie Smith (born 1970), American former National Football League player
  • Artie Thomas (1884–1960), Australian rules footballer
  • Artie Wood (1898–1959), Australian rules footballer and coach

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