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Asia-Pacific Quiz Championships
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Founded2012; 9 years ago (2012)
 New Zealand
Most recent
Singapore (3rd title)
Most titlesSingapore (3 titles)

The Asia-Pacific Quiz Championships (AQC) is the premier team quiz event in the Asia-Pacific region. The 2020 event was not held due to COVID but an online Asian Quiz League was started instead, with the current Pro and Novice league champions (2020) being Sign of Four (India) and ABBA (Malaysia) respectively. Singapore emerged champions of the most recent 2019 AQC held in Kuala Lumpur.


The tournament began in 2012 as the ASEAN Quizzing Championships, an annual quiz competition held among quizzers from ASEAN, primarily those living in Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines. In 2015 the competition expanded to include participants from India and a number of off-site chapters and became the Asian Quizzing Championships (AQC). After teams from the wider Asia-Pacific region such as Australia (from 2017) and New Zealand (from 2018) began participating, the event was renamed the Asia-Pacific Quiz Championships to reflect this wider geographical participation.

The event was founded by Caleb Liu from Singapore and Movin Miranda from India (and a long time resident of Malaysia) with the goal of fostering friendly competition and growing interest in quizzing in the region. The teams are selected by the National Quiz Associations of the respective member countries.

The 2020 event was originally supposed to be hosted by Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia, but was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Instead, the core organising team inaugurated an Asian Quiz League separated into a "Pro" competition and a "Novice" competition. This format also allowed wider participation in competitive quizzing. In the inaugural season of the Quiz League, 18 teams participated in Pro (separated into 4 groups) and 10 teams participated in Novice (separated into 2 groups) with teams from the following countries: Malaysia (11), Singapore (3), India (14), Philippines (1), the UAE (1), and the USA (1). ABBA (Malaysia) from Universiti Malaysia Sabah Faculty of Medicine emerged as Novice champions, beating Aakhir Q (Singapore) in the finals on 20 Dec 2020. Third place was secured by The Goal Diggers, also from Malaysia. The 2020 Pro finals were played over the weekend of 2-3 January 2021. The Sign of Four (India) defeated Men are Trash (India) in the finals, with third place going to Singapore and Zulfiqar-e-Fidel (India).


Teams of four compete in three separate rounds, with the highest cumulative score being crowned champions.

  • Round 1 - Individual written round, modelled after the World Quizzing Championships. Participants answer 200 questions worth 1 point each, with 25 questions drawn from each of eight categories:
    • Culture
    • Entertainment
    • History
    • Lifestyle
    • Media
    • Science
    • Sport
    • World

The contribution to the overall team score which will be the cumulative total of the top three individual scores in each of the eight categories (with the lowest score for each category dropped). For example, if the four members of a team scored 15, 15, 15, 7 for Sport, the team score for Sport will be 45. Maximum score = 600 points.

  • Round 2 - Individual Response Round. Participants are asked questions individually in turn. They may answer themselves, or pass the question to a teammate. There is a maximum of three passes per player, once to each teammate. 40 questions (10 per team member), 4 points each. Maximum score = 160 points.
  • Round 3 - Team Discussion Round. Participants work as a team to answer 50 questions worth 5 points each. Maximum score = 250 points.

The maximum team score is therefore 1010 points though in practice teams do not approach that limit.

Participating Teams[edit]

Teams Australia India Malaysia New Zealand Singapore Philippines Unaligned TOTAL
2019 3 3 1 0 3 0 0 10
2018 2 1 3 1 1 1 0 9
2017 2 1 2 0 1 2 1 9
2016 0 0 1 0 3 1 1 6
2015 0 1 0 0 3 1 3 8
2014 0 0 1 0 1 2 0 4
2013 0 0 1 0 2 1 0 4
2012 0 0 2 0 1 1 0 4
TOTAL 7 6 11 1 15 9 5 64


Year Venue Gold Points Silver Points Bronze Points
2019 Singapore Singapore Singapore 455 Australia Australia 444 Malaysia Malaysia 420
2018[1] Kuala Lumpur Australia Australia 593 Malaysia Malaysia 542 Singapore Singapore 469
2017[2] Kuala Lumpur India India 607 Australia Australia 534 Singapore Singapore 518
2016[3] Singapore Malaysia Malaysia 475 Singapore Singapore 474 Singapore Singapore B 341
2015 Singapore India India 530 Singapore Singapore 519 Singapore Singapore B 491
2014[4] Manila Singapore Singapore 437 Malaysia Malaysia 396 Philippines Philippines 385
2013[5] Singapore Singapore Singapore 414 Philippines Philippines 396 Malaysia Malaysia 326
2012 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Malaysia 310 Singapore Singapore 263 Philippines Philippines 216

The current scoring format was adopted in 2017. Up to 2016 there were only 20 questions for each category in the written paper instead of 25. From 2017 onwards, 4 points were awarded in the Individual Response round instead of 5. From 2018 onwards, teams could be awarded half points (i.e. 2 points) in the team round alongside a full point score of 5 points.

Medal Summary[edit]

Nation Gold Silver Bronze Total
Singapore 3 3 4 10
Malaysia 2 2 2 6
India 2 0 0 2
Australia[6] 1 2 0 3
Philippines 0 1 2 3

Winning Teams[edit]

Year Country Team Members
2019 Singapore Ravikant Avva, Caleb Liu, Pradeep Ramanathan, Mukund Sridhar
2018 Australia Rick Bakker, Ross Evans, Michael Logue, Aaran Mohann
2017 India Anustup Datta, Arun Hiregange, Rajiv Rai, Thejaswi Udupa
2016 Malaysia G. Krishnamurti, Movin Miranda, Chong MinHow, Jaideep Mukherjee
2015 India Gopal Kidao, Rajiv Rai, Jayakanthan R, Swaminathan Ganesh
2014 Singapore Ravikant Avva, Jake Jacobs, Caleb Liu, Rohan Naidu
2013 Singapore Caleb Liu, Jake Jacobs, Nirav Kanodra, Iain Carmichael
2012 Malaysia Neil Bruce, Kee Choonlee, Shiva Gurupatham, Movin Miranda

Asian Quiz League 2020[edit]

These are the rankings of the Asian Quiz League 2020, that was held in the absence of the formal AQC 2020:


Position Team name Country Members
1st Sign of Four India Ajay Parasuraman, Keshav Athreya, Mario Fernando, Debashree Mitra
2nd Men are Thrash India Bedbyas Datta, Sreyashi Dastidar, Prasanth John Abraham, Somasish
3rd (joint) Singapore Singapore Ravi Avva, Caleb Liu, Ishaan Chugh, Lance Robert Frey
3rd (joint) Zulfiqar-e-Fidel India Venky, Ingit, Anannya Deb, Aditya Gadre
5th Matunga Manram India Vinoo Sanjay, Nikhil Sonde, Govind Grewal, Bala S, Pritwish Datta
6th Remembrances of Things Fast India Navin Rajaram, Kiran, Manu Sudhakar
7th Quiz Dubai Krishnamurthy (Goach), Nikhil, Ramesh Athreya, Anirudh S, Shreyas R, Sandeepan G
8th Team USA Manoj Saranathan and team


Position Team name Country Members
1st ABBA Malaysia Nurul Firzanah Mohd Darwis (captain), Kuhaneshvaren a/l Elanggovan, Jivanarahajn a/l Rajendra Kumar, Sim Si Ming
2nd Aakhir Q Singapore Supratim Sengupta (captain), Amrutanshu Mishra, Raja Setlur, Ram Shankar

Highest Individual Scorers[edit]

While a team event, the AQC also acknowledges the highest scorers in the first (individual) round.

Year Gold Silver Bronze
2019 Malaysia Movin Miranda Australia Michael Logue, Singapore Pradeep Ramanathan, Singapore Mukund Sridhar [tie] Singapore Caleb Liu
2018[1] Australia Ross Evans[7] New Zealand Kelvin Lange Australia Rick Bakker
2017[2] India Arun Hiregange India Thejaswi Udupa Singapore Ravi Avva
2016[3] Malaysia Movin Miranda[8] Malaysia G. Krishnamurti Singapore Pradeep Ramanathan, Singapore Mukund Sridhar (tie)
2015 Singapore Rajesh Kannan Singapore Sunny Chu Philippines Leonardo Gapol
2014 Malaysia Movin Miranda Philippines Leonardo Gapol Singapore Caleb Liu
2013 Philippines Leonardo Gapol Malaysia Movin Miranda Singapore Caleb Liu
2012 Malaysia Movin Miranda Singapore Caleb Liu Philippines Leonardo Gapol


  • Largest Winning Margins
    • India by 73 points (2017)
    • Australia by 51 points (2018)
    • Malaysia by 47 points (2012)
    • Singapore by 41 points (2014)
  • Narrowest Winning Margins
    • Malaysia by 1 point (2016)
    • Singapore by 11 points (2019)
    • India by 11 points (2015)
    • Singapore by 18 points (2013)

Results last updated: 12 August 2019


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